A tax that isn’t a tax, the price of change an EVE dev blog synopsis


In the fifth dev blog in the industry series a massive overhaul to the cost of industry was announced currently slot usage costs are extremely low so much so that I often get lazy and miss them off my spreadsheets completely this is soon to change with the cost of job installation increasing massively. The reason why makes enough sense we’re starting to pay the station staff who actually build things for us but the impact of this change is massive.

As a generalisation the dev blog concludes that the installation cost will be between 1% and 5% of the material cost, with the material cost being calculated based upon the same system that calculates values in game (not entirely accurate but a robust enough system). Where things may get interesting is the effect on staged manufacturing for example capitals, t2 and t3 all of which require the manufacturing of components before the actual items themselves. This means we’ll see up to an additional 10% in manufacturing cost (5% component and 5% hull/module team costs) for capitals, t2 and t3 products.

With such a large potential increase in costs optimising this expense will be vital after all the difference between 7mil per Abaddon and 1.4mil is quite considerable! So how does the cost vary and how can it be optimised, well the below formula fully describes the variables involved:

The primary driver of cost in this equation will be the square root of the fraction of global job hours this means that quiet systems will be very cheap whilst busy systems will be very expensive to manufacture in effectively distributing manufacturing further across EVE acting as a driving force to spread people out now that slots availability isn’t a limiting factor.

The team cost is a standard 1.0 factor unless a specialised team is hired, more on that to come in another post. The facility reduction is dependent upon the number of manufacturing stations in system with the highest recorded reduction being Nonni which roughly halves the cost of manufacturing, finding a underused system with lots of stations has massive potential benefits to reduce total costs.

Starbase reduction to costs are an controversial topic currently we don’t have any idea of savings but as a single module for now is likely to give the full benefit, at the least we can be grateful that we shouldn’t have to run half a dozen large POS’s for large scale manufacturing. The multi run discount is much more interesting with large scale production being much more efficient the full effect of this will become clearer once we know what cap is being put in place. The cap will be based on the old ME skill that’s all we know right now but if no cap was put in place then a 5 day job would cut the manufacturing team costs to 30% of the current cost.

The final bonus will come to faction warfare and player owned outposts which when upgraded to level 5 reduce costs by just over 40%. Also player owned outposts with manufacturing slot upgrades will see up to a 5% bonus to material efficiency, a great bonus which could offset some of the material transport costs from highsec. Finally NPC facilities have an additional 10% tax on top of the manufacturing team costs which provides a further saving for player owned facilities, with corporations having the choice to set their own tax in place of the NPC tax.

Overall it’s a really interesting change that brings a new aspect to EVE online manufacturing whilst also adding another ISK sink to the EVE economy. ISK sinks are great and reduce inflation, which should help to keep the price of PLEX under control something which has been of a large concern of players recently.