About Danny Centauri

I’m Danny Centauri an EVE player on and off since 2006, my most recent return to EVE being April 2014.  I’ve recently been on a break from EVE Online due to work commitments since fall 2013 but the upcoming Kronos release was enough to drag me back to game to update EVE Manufacturing and try and turn a profit during the biggest industry update in EVE history.

I’ve built an army of industry alts I currently have 21 industry alts with 190 manufacturing slots and 197 science slots at my disposal,  I’ve now grown to the point where I’m capable of provided 300+ T2 ships per week to the market sold primarily in Jita. Naturally as a manufacturer I have multiple freighter alts but recently I’ve enjoyed the easy life outsourcing my hauling to Red Frog Freight in order to avoid boredom and suicide gank attempts.

Recently I’ve been expanding my production to capitals and jump freighters, investing my profits over the last year into capital BPOs and T2 component BPOs to ensure that I can keep my ISK moving and prevent liquid ISK from stacking up. Weekly profits currently float around the 4bil mark and peak at 6bil when running jobs back to back, more than enough to run my 13 accounts and fund PvP replacements for my 11 PvP characters.