Another update to the blueprint and invention changes

CCP Greyscale is back again with another update to the blueprint changes which really goes into a lot of depth about the changes to come, if you’re interested in downloading the draft 4 data click here. As you can see below Greyscale mentions that these changes will hit SiSi on Tuesday ready for some hands on play testing.

greyscale blueprint changes v4

The first thing he mentions will likely be a big disappointment to many players there were initially plans to be able to increase the base output runs from 1 for ships and 10 for modules without decryptors in some sort of batch job system. This will no longer be happening in Crius but it’s great to hear that the whole invention mechanic is going to be revisited as it’s definitely an unenjoyable click fest at the moment.

Next the biggest thing on the list T2 material usage is being kicked up 50% to account for the change in default ME from -4 to ME 0%. The old ME -4 was 50% off perfect build materials whilst the new ME 0% is 9.1% off perfection. It seems like the 50% increase in materials was quite lazy as to account for the base change in invention you would increase material requirements by 37.5% [1.50 / 1.091 = 1.3748].

The actual final adjustment that should be made is even more complex still as it’s a balance of the decryptors used in invention and a comparison of their material waste before and after the patch. Even then you can’t account for the changes in behaviour with usage of the decryptors so it’s pretty clear that the moon goo market will be up in the air for a while. Personally I’d expect to see moon material prices increase as a result of this change due to increasing material consumption which isn’t optimal as moon mining is a completely passive income source.

The next couple of points relate to ranks which will now be floats rather than integers and have been given a bit of a mix up for specialist modules such as warfare links this is just to try and make the landscape a bit more bumpy so that every module isn’t the same. What surprises me is that CCP Greyscale didn’t choose to stick with integer ranks by multiplying ranks by 10 and dividing research times by 10, there would be a bit of rounding but its pretty minor when you consider the effect on even a current rank 1,000 BPO would be under 3 hours additional research time to get to ME 1% or TE 2%.

The only other really interesting point in my opinion is that T2 BPO copy times have provisionally been reduced to 0.8 of build time this is due to be balanced out by stopping specific skills from providing bonuses when copying T2 BPOs but it seems like an over complicated way of doing things if things are all tied up in the base stats and effected the same way by skills it makes things much easier for your average player to compare without having to know random facts like the Science skill 5% per level copy bonus only counts for T1.

Things are starting to come together nicely for the BPO changes but I’m sure a lot more will come out during play testing. I really do hope that someone takes the time to do the math to see what percentage material costs should actually increase by 50% is a very lazy solution. The main objective should be to maintain the status quo for moon mining without increasing or decreasing its value come Crius. If this is going to happen someone really needs to look carefully at the changes being made to determine the actual impact on material consumption.