Beginners guide to manufacturing in EVE

EVE manufacturing beginners guideSo you’re looking to get started making profit in EVEs lucrative markets from manufacturing. Well before you start manufacturing in EVE there are a few things you need to get sorted, this beginners guide will inform you of the basics you require with regards to both skills and standings. Whilst the guide takes only 5 minutes to read don’t be surprised to spend a month or two preparing your characters in order to begin.

Like a lot of aspects of EVE patience is required, as well as common sense once you have read this guide I advise taking a look at some of the manufacturing guides to get a feel for the different types of manufacturing as well as to receive some basic advice on the best way to make profits as a new manufacturer.

There are only three things you need in order to begin making ISK from your very own highsec POS in EVE:

  1. Corporate standings – to be able to anchor a POS in highsec you need the correct standings to the faction who own the space. The easiest systems to anchor in are 0.5 systems which required 5.0 faction standings with 0.6 and 0.7 systems requiring 6.0 and 7.0 standings respectively. If you can’t be bothered to grind the standings look on the forums people sell corps which already have the correct standings, but remember be sure to anchor your POS in the first week of being in corp  before the faction standings of the corp begin to drop. Another helpful tip is even if you are starting out small it’s often wise to anchor a larger tower for room to grow or anchor multiple towers so you can expand down the line. There is nothing more annoying than having to create a new corp to expand your operations so be sure to consider growth right from the start.
  2. Science skills – I strongly advise training your science skills before your manufacturing skills if you are looking to get into T2 production. With Advanced Laboratory Operation 4 you are able to operate 10 science slots and can operate a blueprint copying operation whilst you train your manufacturing skills. You need Scientific networking level 1, science 5 and advanced laboratory operation 4 to use 10 copy slots on a POS at maximum efficiency. When starting out I advise training these skills on 2 characters on the same account, you can train advanced mobile laboratory operation to level 3 on each character for 18 copy slots in total enough for a Medium copying POS. Running 18 slots you can make ~180mil profit per month copying cruiser BPOs for invention and selling them on contracts, this is a great way to get your POS making profit before you even start manufacturing.
  3. Manufacturing skills – first things first don’t even consider manufacturing until you have Production Efficiency to level 5, you eat into your profits massively right from the start. Remember to train Advanced Mass Production to level 4 for a total of 10 manufacturing slots, also train Supply Chain Management to 1 to install jobs at a POS and train Industry to 4 (preferably 5) for faster build times and increased profit per hour. This process should also be repeated on at least 2 characters on the same account for 20 manufacturing slots, preferably repeated with all 3 characters on an account to maximise your potential profit per account. Fill your character slots as soon as possible to maximise your manufacturing return!

Once you have these basics you are ready to get started building and making profit, if you get bored waiting for your skills to complete then you’re probably getting into the wrong profession – EVEs manufacturing is a painful and slow process that requires research and patience in order to succeed.

If you’re ready to get started read one of our guides:

Good luck in your new EVE career, let the ISK flow!