Manufacturing and inventing the Prospect Advanced mining frigate

Prospect manufacturing and invention

The T2 variant of the Venture the Prospect is now available on Singularity – what many people didn’t realise is that this also means that the manufacturing material and skill requirements are also available giving us industrialists time to prepare. Additionally the Venture blueprint information has been updated to include the invention requirements for both materials and skills.

Inventing the Prospect

Prospect Invention skill and material requirements
To invent the prospect you only need Gallente Encryption Methods, Gallente Starship Engineering and Mechanical Engineering all to level 1. These are extremely low skill requirements most players will choose to have higher as it increases the invention chance. There are some great invention chance calculators out there personally I recommend this one. The base invention chance will most likely be at 30% to put it in line with other T2 frigates. This means with level 4 skills and no decryptor there is a 36.19% chance of success.

With regards to materials its an extremely cheap invention job currently costing in the region of 450k including the BPC costs, this means that a single run -4ME Prospect BPC will cost 1.25mil to create which is extremely cheap.

Building the Prospect

Prospect material and production skill requirements
To build the prospect isn’t quite as easy as it requires frigate construction V, whilst not being the heaviest of skill trains its still roughly a 10 day train so if you don’t have it yet get training before you run out of time.

The material requirements listed are at material efficiency (ME) 0 which is 10% waste so to find the material requirements for a ME -4 we simply divide the material requirements by 11 and multiply by 15 to get the following:
Crystalline Carbonide Armor Plate – 220
Fusion Reactor Unit – 4
Ion Thruster – 23
Magnetometric Sensor Cluster – 23
Oscillator Capacitor Unit – 60
Photon Microprocessor – 225
Pulse Shield Emitter – 23
R.A.M.- Starship Tech – 4
Venture – 1
Construction Blocks – 30
Morphite – 45

In total this little shopping list costs 17mil bringing the total production price up to 18.25mil including invention.

Prospect Market Expectations

With the Prospect costing 18.25mil to manufacture we can expect to see them settle in the region of 22mil per unit as a final price, putting a fully fitted prospect somewhere in the region of 30-35mil which is a reasonable expense. The majority of the fitting expense is tied up in the covert ops cloak, it surprises me that CCP haven’t made small and large covert ops cloaks as it seems unusual for a module to cost almost a third of the price of the hull.

On release day expect the first few Prospects to sell in the region of 60-80mil and then drop drastically in the space of 24 hours down to 40mil. Following this I would expect within a week the price so slowly drift down towards 22mil where it should level off.

Update: I was asked on the forums to provide the build times and invention times for the hull. The base manufacturing time is 11 hours 6 minutes with regards to invention time the research tech time is 1 day 1 hour. We should expect to see it take roughly a day for the first Prospects to get to market.

  • Rob74

    Thanks for the Info!

  • Celor Ma’fer

    It actually on takes 12 hours 30 mins to invent the BPC on Tranquility. So they will hit market a bit earlier than expected

    • Danny Centauri

      Confirmed 12.5 hours with max skills in pos lab 1 day 1 hour is base before skills.

      • Celor Ma’fer

        Sorry, just reread your post and saw they word base ;-)