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Principles of industry in EVE Online – A dev blog synopsis

First off before getting into reviewing the latest dev blog from CCP Greyscale a quick apology for being AWOL over the last couple of weeks with no new posts about the upcoming Crius release. I’ve been dragged away from EVE with some RL freelance web design work but fortunately whilst I was gone very little actually changed.

No new features have been announced and the only real changes have been tweaks to current work especially those made by CCP Greyscale to blueprint stats. The rebalancing of blueprints to have longer invention times and shorter manufacturing times wasn’t well received for T2 module manufacturers who were concerned that this gave T2 BPO owners too large of an advantage. In reality the vast majority of T2 BPO owners are losing out as manufacturing costs will be closer between T2 BPOs and invention; it’s simply module and ammo BPO owners that may get a small boost out of the change.

On to the dev blog, the latest dev blog isn’t a feature discussion but more of an overview of the design philosophy at CCP and how they are looking to change industry. Originally CCP set out with two goals for the industry changes they were making:

  1. To make industry easy to understand – Right now loads of things are hidden away just one example of this is the chance that your invention job will be successful. CCP want to remedy this and give players all of the information they need to make informed decisions from within the client. This doesn’t mean that third party tools and websites are being pushed out the door as there will still be loads of room for optimisation in industry especially now that installation costs are going to vary wildly depending upon which system you install the job from.
  2.  Industry should be interesting and skilful – Right now it’s a case of if you have the skills then you’re as good as you can get at industry other than a little bit of research to select the right things to build even then the skill is minimal as tools like EVE ISKperhour do most of the work for you. CCP want to change this and make industry more dynamic and skilful the first step in this is encouraging you to assess how and where you build especially if you’re building on a large scale.

Whilst Crius is only the first of the changes coming to industry it will be the biggest and definitely sets the tune for future industry work to come. We should also be seeing follow up work with large changes to both invention and reverse engineering mechanics. The whole idea of these changes is not only to give us more options and control but also to make industry a more engaging activity. Personally I haven’t moved from my industry hub in over 3 years so I feel it’s definitely about time I was encouraged to do so and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the community responds to the changes that are coming and the general shift in direction for EVE Online industry in the future.

Starbase changes for Crius – A dev blog synopsis  

POS changes EVE Crius

Yesterday a new dev blog was posted about all of the Starbase changes coming in Crius. Whilst a lot of this information was already available there was additional information such as the fitting requirements of the new Starbase structures and even some really exciting news which I’ll save for later.

First up is the reprocessing array and intensive reprocessing array the details of which are below:

reprocessing array EVE Crius

intensive reprocessing array EVE Crius

To clarify some of the common questions these arrays still take into account player skills, reprocess instantaneously and allow different ores and ices all to be reprocessed at the same time to save you time. Once your ores are in the array it’s as simple as right click reprocess and you have your minerals! The only limitation is that the intensive reprocessing array is limited to low security space.

right click reprocess UI

Next up are compression arrays which are a replacement for item compression now that reprocessing T1 items is being made highly inefficient. Compression no longer requires blueprints and players will be refunded for them, additionally the whole process is being made more friendly and now only requires 100 units of the base ore to compress.

The new compression array works instantly with no cool down and as with the reprocessing array multiple types of ore can be compressed at the same time. An image of the new compression array is below:

compression array stats

compression array fitting EVE Crius

Next up are a bunch of changes we already knew about including the removal of slots, the removal of remote BPO/BPC usage, the POS structure cost scaling which I wrote about yesterday. There is alos a brief mention of the restrictions on Starbase anchoring being removed so that players can anchor regardless of faction standing or system security status as well as a mention of the new 7 day timer for new corporations before you can anchor a POS.

We then move onto a repetition of the array and laboratory changes which can be found in my Crius patch notes. In the middle of this was a great little gem that I hadn’t heard about before a change to the way in which material discounts work the change is that the discount now applies to the whole job. This means that if something requires 10.5 Tritanium to build then building one would use 11 Trit whilst two would now cost 21 rather than the 22 it would currently. One exception here is singular items and hulls for example building 10 T2 cruisers at ME 10% will still require 10 T1 cruisers not 9. This gives a small advantage to mass production but won’t make any massive change to production costs. Rounding of materials in EVE works by always rounding up to the next significant digit regardless of the decimal value so keep this in mind too.

Right at the bottom of the blog there is also a brief mention of skill changes which mean that you only require anchoring 4 for POS gunning rather than 5 cutting down POS gunning to a week long train. There’s also a quick informational change that simply states Starbase assembly line settings have been taken away and won’t return in Crius so you can’t tax your corp mates for POS usage. An exciting little change is that both supply chain management and Starbase defence management are no longer required to manufacture in the same system and they simply provide a 5 jump remote installation distance up to level 5 which is 25 jumps. This now crosses regions too making it really easy to run POS out of different systems or even nip your PvP alt back close enough to home to install jobs.

The next new addition is actually quite exciting the introduction of a Thukker Component Assembly Array which provides an material reduction bonus of 10% and time reduction bonus of 25% for the construction of capital and advanced capital (jump freighter) components.

Thukker component assembly array EVE Crius

As you can see the array is limited to above 0.1 and below 0.4 security status meaning it’s a low sec only module. With the 10% bonus to manufacturing materials and 25% bonus to manufacturing time we should expect to see a lot of capital production moving its way to low sec. If you consider that for a jump freighter manufacturing the T2 components alone will see a saving in the region of 400mil then it’s inevitable that almost all jump freighter production will end up in low sec sooner or later. This profit will come at the risk of having your POS explode but inevitably it will be those that take the risks that will profit the most.

The New Eden Store – A dev blog synopsis

New eden store replaces the nobel exchange (NEx)

Today’s dev blog synopsis summarises the changes coming to the Nobel Exchange (NEX) which is being rebranded the New Eden Store. Notable changes are that aurum (AUR) will become an account wide currency rather than character specific and that the store and assigning items to characters can be done directly from the character login screen.

new eden store apply items from character screen


This is probably intended to increase the overall exposure to the New Eden Store and encourage more players to become involved with microtransactions. Overall it looks pretty good but it would be great to be able to assign your purchases straight to a character from the purchase confirmation window.

new eden store item purchase confirmation

There will also be a whole host of new items coming to the store currently there are roughly 45 items in the store with Kronos this will increase to 105 items more than doubling the current available items. This includes a nice mix of new clothing items as well as full sleeve tattoos and the 4 new ships skins which have previously been announced.

new eden store new ship skins

Personally I think that the Abaddon Tash-Murkon Edition is an awesome looking ship with the Hyperion Innerzone Shipping Edition being a close second I’m really tempted to pick both of these up come release day when they hit the market for ISK.

With release day sale of AUR tokens will be replaced with direct sale of AUR to prevent you jumping through hoops and there will also be a slight rebalancing of pricing so that you get slightly more AUR when you purchase it directly.

Aurum price changes
Number of Aurum 750 1750 3000 4500
USD 5 10 15 20

It’s also notable that you’ll be able to redeem the items in game easier with a inventory menu item devoted to redeeming items and soon players will be able to redeem directly to their cargo so that even wormholers can enjoy the pleasures of New Eden Store purchases without having to venture back to highsec to dock at a station and redeem their new wares.

new eden store in game redeem items

For now we’re limited to redeeming in station but it’s great news that this will be changing also there are a variety of other little changes to the store experience centred around filtering. One obvious one is that you can filter by gender.

new eden store filter items by gender

You can also filter ship skins by faction making it so you only see relevant item:

new eden store filter items by faction

Finally you can also filter by name and price both ascending and descending without any filters selected:

new eden store filter by name or price ascending or descending

Overall it is a great set of usability changes but it doesn’t end there as you can see in the image above items are also now going to be discounted from time to time giving you some great offers and limited time deals. Hopefully we’ll start to see some packages of mixed items in the future too, I think the introduction of 10 run BPCs with a 14% saving is a nice addition that will encourage bulk purchasing and encourage CCP to make some broader bulk package purchases similar to the packages like the racial combat packs that are available in Dust 514.

Finally I would like to thank CCP Xhagen for saving me from a lot of research this evening as I was planning to do my own research on the New Eden Store. This dev blog saving me the time and gave us some excellent quality graphics of the store to enjoy at the same time!

New exploration sites in Kronos – A dev blog Synopsis

mordus legion besieged ghost sites dev blog synopsis

As mentioned in my previous piece the most recent dev blog ‘Sweeping death and Chaos: New exploration sites in Kronos’ adds very little to the information we previous knew about. The only significant piece of information is that some of the loot will require shipping to null sec to redeem its value which will create some PvP in a single null sec system where Mordus are based. Expect the majority of players to sell in Jita to individuals willing to take the null sec shipping risks.

Edit: A follow up from the comments on the dev blog confirmed that the Besieged sites are not escalations but are actually unlocked after a certain amount of the easy sites are done and the data handed over to the Mordus. It’s intended as a release day event and there will be progress reports for us on how close we are to unlocking the new Besieged sites. Once everything is unlocked the Contested sites will be Cosmic Signatures and the Besieged sites Cosmic anomalies.

To go into further detail on the dev blog the sites are explained as a thematic extension of the ghost sites encountered in Rubicon. With the pirates taking their research to more extreme levels Mordus Legion have stepped in to try and get things under control. Not only have they stepped in to take control they’re also asking for the help of capsuleers to track them down.

Whilst Mordus Legion are handling blowing up the Guristas we’ll be hunting down their smaller outposts (Contested Guristas Research Facility), hacking the Transponder tower and taking the data to be rewarded by Mordus Legion. To get the full value you’ll need to take it directly to 5ZXX-K in null sec and redeem it at their LP store. With this being null sec you shouldn’t be surprised that most players will want to sell the data in Jita leaving the dangerous transporting task to the more adventurous capsuleers.

The Mordus Legion require this data to track down the larger research facilities and attack them these sites called Besieged Covert Research Facilities appear to be an escalation with little detail regarding the trigger and if escalation is 100% of the time.

The rewards from the sites are then covered they include the 8 new pirate faction ship skins, the new low grade pirate implants (remember current low grade are now mid grade) and finally the focus of the Guristas research will drop too the new warp speed low slot modules.

Expect things to start a little slow especially if the shipping of the data to null sec is an essential component of the Besieged sites spawning. We’ll be seeing a lot of camping out in 5ZXX-K as well as entry systems to the area so things will move slow until the heat dies down and players find it easier to go about their business with Mordus.


Coming in Kronos Part II – A dev blog synopsis

banner coming in kronos 2

The features highlighted in the second coming in Kronos dev blog are things that anyone keeping an eye on the forums or EVE online news sites will already know. The first of these changes is confirmation of the Typhoon redesign, it’s great to know that it will be making the Kronos release and with this change we’ll also see identical changes to the Panther and Fleet Issue Typhoon variants.

typhoon redesign EVE Online

The dev blog also discusses the second pass over the freighter changes, which I discuss in length here.  Another of the changes discussed is the update to the Mac client which brings back loads of visual features such as blinking lights, take for example the following screenshot from the Mac client.

mac client image eve online

There was one gem in the changes that starts to bring a bit more light to the Mordus legion sites. The new Mordus Legion sites are going to be found in low sec and have hacking elements to them. The Mordus Legion are rewarding capsuleers for helping them in their war effort against the Guristas with rewards such as ship skins and implants. There’s likely to be some more EVE backstory development around this too as the dev blog states that Mordus Legion have been scanning down and raiding hidden Guristas research sites.

On a very important note there’s another dev blog coming out tomorrow which goes into greater detail about the sites, the events surrounding them and the rewards which we can get for completing the sites. This could potentially be the last reveal before the Kronos launch next week so keep your eyes open for the dev blog which we’ll cover once it’s released.

Little things in Kronos – A dev blog synopsis


Only yesterday morning we published a piece about the other things coming in Kronos that CCP missed from the Kronos Features dev blog. It wasn’t much later that CCP Karkur published a new blog ‘Little things in Kronos: The changes and fixes you asked for’. This dev blog covered a lot of the points raised on that very same morning and went a step further to highlight some other features.

Rather than discuss things we already know it’s the features we missed that I want to highlight today. CCP Karkur and CCP Punkturis really deserve a lot of praise for their work on little things and I’m sure that these changes will affect everyone in one little way or another.

Collapsing windows

It’s extremely easy to collapse windows currently well now you need to double click it it’s a change designed to save those embarrassing moments where you accidentally make your whole overview disappear. Minimising is also limited to clicking in the header of the selected item.

Highlighting in personal assets

eve personal assets highlighting

This feature is exactly the same as the highlighting of market items on route but for your personal assets helping you to discover if there’s a system on route where you can refit from items you already have in stock. This features bound to be a highsec mercenary favourite many a time I’ve found myself flying in a shuttle across New Eden whilst trying to discover if there’s a ship closer to the target to change into.

Target indicators in survey scanner

survey scanner targetted asteroid

If you’re targeting an asteroid when your survey scan completes then this change puts an icon next to it in the survey scanner results. This helps you to see if you’re close to depleting the current rock and helps you choose which one to go after next.

Kill report filtering

A simple little change that lets you filter your kill reports for both personal and corporation kills. The filters let you filter by the victim’s name, corporation and alliance as well as ship name. It’s also worth mentioning that this isn’t a full search and unfortunately only filters your current page, who knows with a bit of luck we may see something more comprehensive come Crius.

Info window cleanup

info window cleanup

This is a change that was started back with Rubicon with the damage types being group as shown in the diagram above. With Kronos things are being taken a step further with damage types, sensor strengths and other resistance attributes being grouped together also.

Other little things

Here is a list of the other little things coming with the Kronos release:

  • Target origin can now be locked in place to prevent accidental dragging, this is done through the right click interface.
  • Jump Clone locations in the Character Sheet are now proper locations and you can set destination to them.
  • The “Plug In” right-click option on implants has been moved below the “Show Info” option, I’m guessing this relates to accidental plugging in of implants.
  • You can now drag some chat channels from the Channels window to any text box to create a link to join the channel. Obvious channels that don’t accept outsiders such as alliance chat don’t work.
  • Characters can be dragged from the Channel Settings window to be linked in chat and other input fields.
  • If a corporation has no war history, it will say so in the “War History” in the corporations Show Info window.
  • Paths starting with “http://” or “https://” can now be linked in the “Generate Link” window.
  • Hyperlinks will now show the web address (URL) in a tooltip, making it harder to disguise Rick Rolls.
  • Conversation requests are now logged in the “Notifications and Logs” window

It’s a great list of quality of life improvement, it feels as though EVE’s little things push is really making a big difference and has come so far from when it started many releases ago.

What’s coming in Kronos – A dev blog synopsis

EVE Kronos banner

The dev blog detailed the features in Kronos released back on Thursday the 22nd May only tells a small part of the EVE Online Kronos story. Several features which have been very popular with the community have been omitted with many others skimmed over. The obvious stuff is all there with everything from the Prospect to the Mordus Legion ship introductions summarised nicely. However, there are a few points that you could have missed if you read this dev blog and nothing else. Here are the things you would have missed:

Drone changes - The drone changes were skimmed over and large changes such as the rebalancing of sentries and large improvements to MWD speed of medium and heavy drones missed completely. If you want to know more read my review of the giving drones an assist dev blog.

New drone module – There is an additional drone lowslot module for tracking coming in Kronos it might seem something quite minor but new stuff is something that no industrialist wants to miss especially with the profit opportunities on release day.

Typhoon redesign – Likely omitted from the dev blog as a precaution due to time running a little short for the art team. We’re still expecting to see the new design go live as part of Kronos with a little bit of luck.

POS Gunning prerequisites – No confirmation yet but POS gunning requirements are likely to be reduced in Kronos if not it will be part of Crius with the other POS changes. Currently anchoring V is required for starbase defence management with this due to be reduced to IV saving a month in training time.

Color coded broadcasts – One of the little things changes that has been getting a lot of attention color coded broadcasts are being introduced to make it easier to spot what type of assistance people are asking for. This change also helps to distinguish between align orders and something more important such as armor needed broadcasts.

New pirate implants - Low grade implants are being renamed to mid grade with a whole new series of low grade implants added to the game. These will only be found as part of low sec exploration adding yet more value to low sec space. Additionally all implants are having their attribute modifiers increased by one making high grade implants in line with +4’s.

New ship skins for Aurum – 12 new ships skins are coming to the New Eden store as part of Kronos all of which are available to purchase using Aurum.

Pirate ship skin loot – An additional 8 ship skins are coming to Kronos in the form of lowsec pirate faction loot. This is yet another boost to low sec value which is seeing a lot of little things happen to improve the overall value of the space.

Removal of loot spew from exploration – The loot is being reduced to 70% of what is currently available when you consider that players currently avoid cans such as scrap currently this may actually see supply of items like decryptors drop and increase prices.

Drones less skill reliant - Drone interfacing is being dropped to a 10% damage improvement per level compared to the current 20%. The remaining 50% is being given straight to the drones meaning that drones are much easier for new players to get into as a weapon system.

Hyperspatial accelerator module – A new low slot module is being added that increases warp speed by up to 0.3au/s these are only found through exploration once again which serves to give a further boost to low sec space.

Phoenix will suck less - The hull itself is being given a 4% resistance bonus per level which replaces its damage bonus. The damage bonus is being tied into the launchers themselves by improving ROF and there are overall improvements to damage projection with missile velocity increased and flight time decreased for both citadel cruise and torps meaning capitals shouldn’t be able to speed tank Phoenixs any more.

Nosferatu gets some love - With a 16.66% decrease in cycle time comes a 20% improvement in the capacitor drained per second of nosferatu. This is a really powerful bonus especially when combined with the blood bonuses which revert nosferatu to its previous state draining capacitor even when your capacitor is higher than that of your opponent.

There are likely more that have been missed too that I didn’t pick up on when cross referencing my EVE Online Kronos patch notes against the dev blog released last week. Overall Kronos looks pretty small if you only look at that single dev blog however when you dig deeper at all of the changes its actually a massive release with a lot of little quality of life improvements that everyone should notice.


EVE Online Dev blog review – Tiptoe through the tooltips

EVE Online UI elements

Yesterday it was announced that one of the features which I was originally expecting to be shipped as part of Kronos was being shipped early as part of the final Rubicon point release. This series of UI improvements covered two core areas tooltips and predictive mouse movement for the right click menus.

Starting with the feature that’s already been widely well received the change to the right click menu. In the past the right click menu was more than a little clunky forcing you to snake through the menus as show by the red line in the image below.


With the changes that have been made a more natural path can be taken through the menus which allows you to go outside the borders of the right click menu as long as your mouse is moving towards another part of the menu. This change is great for multiboxers in the past I’ve had more than  few issues relating to the right click menu disappearing mid navigation which have resulted in only 9 out of 10 oracles appearing on field or even worse one Abaddon getting a little bit lost and finding itself 4 jumps away from the rest of my fleet mid-wardeck.

It’s not just the multiboxers who win either I remember as a new player finding this extremely frustrating and was only reminded of this frustration when the change was announced. Every new player won’t have to go through that same annoying gripe which I hit when trying to navigate to my first stargate. This is one of those changes that just makes sense and I’m glad to see these core issues with UI addressed, if you’re wondering how it works here’s a picture of it in action.

EVE right click menu gif

The other set of changes made was to tool tips, this one is a little bit of a mixed bag. A lot of the core tool tips functionality is great more detailed tips when you hover over most things it only really starts to break down when you’re in situations with lots of brackets on screen that are overlapping.

I think most players, new players especially, will quite like the tool tips on the HUD and left hand menu. These tool tips give you a lot more contextual information about what things are and what they do and make it easier to avoid the right click menu if you’re trying to remember the stats of a certain item. Examples of both of these features are shown below.

EVE tool tips for left hand menu

EVE tool tips for HUD elements

When it comes to brackets and the scrolling tool tips however it starts to get a lot more messy. The example provided by CCP looks quite nice and it works reasonably well on a small scale however when you’ve got hundreds of brackets blobbed up if you scroll over them you’ll regret it for sure. In these situations CCP would be much better off adding settings at the same time as functionality, personally I would hide all of the in space tooltips and keep the others but other players may feel differently.

Overall it’s a good jump forwards for the UI and I hope that CCP continue to works on these changes up until the Kronos release improving on the issues raised by the community.

Industry work teams, a dev blog synopsis


The final dev blog in the series on industry titled ‘Team up: Industry work teams’ brought a final twist to the industry changes. Overall the change is an interesting one providing up to a 5% material efficiency or 10% time efficiency boost in return depending on specialities and costing up to 18% more than a standard work team. If you’re not sure what work teams are then have a read of the previous blog and my post on in that gives a overview of the effective costs.

If for now we use the 7mil work team cost that was guesstimated for an Abandon then a work team could cost up to another 1.26mil for installation. With a 5% boost to material efficiency a perfect blueprint will require 0.85% of the blueprints base materials, CCP have already stated that ‘super efficiency’ above the 10% reduction from ME research is possible and they aren’t worried about it due to the changes to reprocessing it isn’t open to manipulation with up to 11.5mil saved on the cost of an Abaddon it appears high value low margin production is going to require teams especially on larger scales.

How things will actually balance between high use active team systems and low usage no team systems will be very interesting. Hunting for the right system is really going to become essential with up to 5% of costs hanging in the balance, expect early doors large alliances to grab slots for activities such as capital component manufacturing where the savings could be incredible.

Two groups of highsec people who will likely be extremely happy with the change will be haulers and gankers. Industry is going to involve a lot more moving around, no longer will large mining groups avoid shipping trit by mining on site so expect Red frog business to boom. On the other side of this with high value industry benefitting most from material changes expect ganking to increase, t2 components are more likely to be hauled to the correct station before ship production starts to save on materials. Without even realising it CCP added another risk and reward factor to industry, having to leave station is a large risk for manufacturers watching operating capital go boom could crush a few little guys.

Most small scale industry players tie up half of their ISK on market and the other half in production; let’s say that you’re shifting stock in weekly cycles losing half your stuff can do a lot of damage especially if you’re operating in the region of 10% profit on that capital. A full recovery would take in the region of 15 weeks so getting ganked ruins over a quarter of a small scale industry players year.

Overall there’s only one major concern right now and that is how corporations will manage manufacturing with a cap on the number of offices per station you can effectively lock a corporation out of a system forcing players to manufacture from their own hangars. This reduces security of BPOs so we’ll see less corporations benefitting from BPO sharing schemes which is a pity, they’ll still exist but players won’t be able to benefit from teams ME gains.

I’m personally very interested to see the effects of time efficiency, TE (formerly PE) on profits as personally I’ve always been much more interested in ISK per hour rather than simple profit calculations and it will be very interesting to see how the manufacturing community reacts to the changes. Unfortunately we’re going to have to wait a few months to get a real impression of the effect of the changes whilst old stocks of ships are sold off below the new manufacturing costs post release.

A tax that isn’t a tax, the price of change an EVE dev blog synopsis


In the fifth dev blog in the industry series a massive overhaul to the cost of industry was announced currently slot usage costs are extremely low so much so that I often get lazy and miss them off my spreadsheets completely this is soon to change with the cost of job installation increasing massively. The reason why makes enough sense we’re starting to pay the station staff who actually build things for us but the impact of this change is massive.

As a generalisation the dev blog concludes that the installation cost will be between 1% and 5% of the material cost, with the material cost being calculated based upon the same system that calculates values in game (not entirely accurate but a robust enough system). Where things may get interesting is the effect on staged manufacturing for example capitals, t2 and t3 all of which require the manufacturing of components before the actual items themselves. This means we’ll see up to an additional 10% in manufacturing cost (5% component and 5% hull/module team costs) for capitals, t2 and t3 products.

With such a large potential increase in costs optimising this expense will be vital after all the difference between 7mil per Abaddon and 1.4mil is quite considerable! So how does the cost vary and how can it be optimised, well the below formula fully describes the variables involved:

The primary driver of cost in this equation will be the square root of the fraction of global job hours this means that quiet systems will be very cheap whilst busy systems will be very expensive to manufacture in effectively distributing manufacturing further across EVE acting as a driving force to spread people out now that slots availability isn’t a limiting factor.

The team cost is a standard 1.0 factor unless a specialised team is hired, more on that to come in another post. The facility reduction is dependent upon the number of manufacturing stations in system with the highest recorded reduction being Nonni which roughly halves the cost of manufacturing, finding a underused system with lots of stations has massive potential benefits to reduce total costs.

Starbase reduction to costs are an controversial topic currently we don’t have any idea of savings but as a single module for now is likely to give the full benefit, at the least we can be grateful that we shouldn’t have to run half a dozen large POS’s for large scale manufacturing. The multi run discount is much more interesting with large scale production being much more efficient the full effect of this will become clearer once we know what cap is being put in place. The cap will be based on the old ME skill that’s all we know right now but if no cap was put in place then a 5 day job would cut the manufacturing team costs to 30% of the current cost.

The final bonus will come to faction warfare and player owned outposts which when upgraded to level 5 reduce costs by just over 40%. Also player owned outposts with manufacturing slot upgrades will see up to a 5% bonus to material efficiency, a great bonus which could offset some of the material transport costs from highsec. Finally NPC facilities have an additional 10% tax on top of the manufacturing team costs which provides a further saving for player owned facilities, with corporations having the choice to set their own tax in place of the NPC tax.

Overall it’s a really interesting change that brings a new aspect to EVE online manufacturing whilst also adding another ISK sink to the EVE economy. ISK sinks are great and reduce inflation, which should help to keep the price of PLEX under control something which has been of a large concern of players recently.