EVE online tooltip fix, did you spot it?

EVE Online tooltips banner

The new tooltips that we’re released as part of the last point release of Rubicon had a very mixed reception. Whilst the information displayed could prove extremely useful for a new player many of the experienced members of the EVE Online community found it extremely frustrating especially in situations where lots of brackets are displayed on screen and tool tips were popping up every half second.

To make things easier in a small update CCP have included a new setting for tooltips, and whilst we can’t completely remove them we can now at least play with the delay for them to display.

EVE Online tooltip delay setting

Increasing the time delay means that simple tasks like activating a module can be done without tooltips displaying all the time. You can even turn it to a super slow setting and play EVE online pretty much tooltip free. What surprises me is that the change has been live a while now and speaking to many old friends in EVE they hadn’t even realised that it has been released. So join us in tooltip free bliss and slide the setting right up to the top.

EVE Online Dev blog review – Tiptoe through the tooltips

EVE Online UI elements

Yesterday it was announced that one of the features which I was originally expecting to be shipped as part of Kronos was being shipped early as part of the final Rubicon point release. This series of UI improvements covered two core areas tooltips and predictive mouse movement for the right click menus.

Starting with the feature that’s already been widely well received the change to the right click menu. In the past the right click menu was more than a little clunky forcing you to snake through the menus as show by the red line in the image below.


With the changes that have been made a more natural path can be taken through the menus which allows you to go outside the borders of the right click menu as long as your mouse is moving towards another part of the menu. This change is great for multiboxers in the past I’ve had more than  few issues relating to the right click menu disappearing mid navigation which have resulted in only 9 out of 10 oracles appearing on field or even worse one Abaddon getting a little bit lost and finding itself 4 jumps away from the rest of my fleet mid-wardeck.

It’s not just the multiboxers who win either I remember as a new player finding this extremely frustrating and was only reminded of this frustration when the change was announced. Every new player won’t have to go through that same annoying gripe which I hit when trying to navigate to my first stargate. This is one of those changes that just makes sense and I’m glad to see these core issues with UI addressed, if you’re wondering how it works here’s a picture of it in action.

EVE right click menu gif

The other set of changes made was to tool tips, this one is a little bit of a mixed bag. A lot of the core tool tips functionality is great more detailed tips when you hover over most things it only really starts to break down when you’re in situations with lots of brackets on screen that are overlapping.

I think most players, new players especially, will quite like the tool tips on the HUD and left hand menu. These tool tips give you a lot more contextual information about what things are and what they do and make it easier to avoid the right click menu if you’re trying to remember the stats of a certain item. Examples of both of these features are shown below.

EVE tool tips for left hand menu

EVE tool tips for HUD elements

When it comes to brackets and the scrolling tool tips however it starts to get a lot more messy. The example provided by CCP looks quite nice and it works reasonably well on a small scale however when you’ve got hundreds of brackets blobbed up if you scroll over them you’ll regret it for sure. In these situations CCP would be much better off adding settings at the same time as functionality, personally I would hide all of the in space tooltips and keep the others but other players may feel differently.

Overall it’s a good jump forwards for the UI and I hope that CCP continue to works on these changes up until the Kronos release improving on the issues raised by the community.

EVE Online 11th Anniversary! Say hello to the Gecko heavy drone

A lighter version of the Dragonfly fighter the Gecko heavy drone is an awesome little gift from CCP for the 11th anniversary which is currently selling at 30mil per unit. We can also unlock 8 more of them up to 11 in total, so sell now before the price bottoms out unless you plan on keeping them.


It’s a high damage drone better with over twice the velocity of an Ogre II, over twice the HP and well over 2.5x the damage. The obvious down side being 50Mbit/sec rather than the usual 25Mbit/sec usage of a standard drone. Truly an awesome beast, full stats and the in game preview image are below:





Carrier pilots are the obvious user of these expect Thanatos pilots fielding 7 of them along with an Ogre II. All in all we could be talking double carrier damage from heavy drones, with drones that move faster than Hammerhead II’s and have a split omni damage profile. These things could be fun…

Update: As of the 13th May the EVE Community unlocked an additional 4 Gecko drones each, bringing the total to 8. Prices are currently holding at 21mil or 147mil if you’re selling your whole stock. Right now any new player not rushing to sell these is making a big mistake this amount of funding could sort out a new player all the way up until their first Battleship hull.