CCP Games redundancies starting today


We’re sad to report that today CCP brings to close its restructuring with the redundancies of 49 of its employees. A CCP representative stated that the layoff were 49 members of their publishing organization, which we presume to mean White Wolf. These employees will most likely be the last of the former World of Darkness team who weren’t hit by the first wave of redundancies which made at the time of the announcement of the end of the WOD project in April.

During the closure of the World of Darkness MMO it’s likely that where ever possible team members were shifted over to EVE Online during the Kronos development cycle. This likely helped push the Kronos release forwards which helps to explain the scale of the release, it wouldn’t surprise me if a large proportion of the staff were in art teams as we’ve seen the New Eden Store increase from 45 to 105 items something which would be easily achievable with staff from the WOD team. In fact some art assets that were appropriate to EVE Online may even have found themselves reclaimed from the WOD project with both games having the same Incarna WIS character technology at their core.

Still the redundancies today whilst being a sad occasion should be no reason for an EVE Online fan to have any concern over the future of their beloved New Eden. With the changes the whole CCP team including the whole senior management team are now dedicated to a single universe and improving its experience. Where CCP Hilmar in the past was likely splitting his time between multiple projects we should now see EVE truly come back into the spotlight and be the true love and focus of everyone over at CCP games.

We wish everyone affected by the recent layoffs at CCP all the best in their future employment and thank them for all the hard work and passion they have put into their work over the years at CCP Games.