Coming in Kronos Part II – A dev blog synopsis

banner coming in kronos 2

The features highlighted in the second coming in Kronos dev blog are things that anyone keeping an eye on the forums or EVE online news sites will already know. The first of these changes is confirmation of the Typhoon redesign, it’s great to know that it will be making the Kronos release and with this change we’ll also see identical changes to the Panther and Fleet Issue Typhoon variants.

typhoon redesign EVE Online

The dev blog also discusses the second pass over the freighter changes, which I discuss in length here.  Another of the changes discussed is the update to the Mac client which brings back loads of visual features such as blinking lights, take for example the following screenshot from the Mac client.

mac client image eve online

There was one gem in the changes that starts to bring a bit more light to the Mordus legion sites. The new Mordus Legion sites are going to be found in low sec and have hacking elements to them. The Mordus Legion are rewarding capsuleers for helping them in their war effort against the Guristas with rewards such as ship skins and implants. There’s likely to be some more EVE backstory development around this too as the dev blog states that Mordus Legion have been scanning down and raiding hidden Guristas research sites.

On a very important note there’s another dev blog coming out tomorrow which goes into greater detail about the sites, the events surrounding them and the rewards which we can get for completing the sites. This could potentially be the last reveal before the Kronos launch next week so keep your eyes open for the dev blog which we’ll cover once it’s released.