Congratulations to the first Free Stuff Friday winners

Kronos Pirate Frigates

Last Sunday was the draw of the first Free Stuff Friday, with the lucky 5 winners claiming their choice of pirate frigate as their prize. Here are the lucky winners:

First Winners of Free Stuff Friday pirate frigate draw

What was really interested to see from this competition was the amount of love for the Worm with many players really keen to get their hands on one come Kronos. The massive drone bonuses are something never seen before in EVE so it’s hardly surprising that players would gravitate towards them I’m very interested to see how the whole Guristas line is going to turn out.

This week the prizes for Free Stuff Friday are being announced ahead of schedule, however to enter you’ll have to keep an eye on Twitter. Just follow @DannyCentauri to get competition announcements and regular updates of all the latest blog posts as they are published.

Onto the bit that everyone actually cares about, this week’s prize!

I’m happy to announce that this week we will have three prizes and that each of the lucky winners will get a pirate cruiser of their choice.

To try and get a few more entrants this week the rules are changing slightly so to enter all you need to do is follow and retweet the competition Tweet. Still it would be great to know what you think of the rebalancing of the pirate cruisers and which one will be the best come Kronos but it’s no longer a requirement to enter.

Good luck to everyone who enters!