Contested and Besieged Covert Research Facility – Mordus Legion Contraband sites

Mordus legion contraband - contested ghost sites

Just a few hours ago CCP Falcon inadvertently let slip a few more details regarding the new Mordus Legion sites by publishing the Kronos patch notes before what is likely the final Kronos related Dev blog. It’s not the most overt statement of what’s to come just a little bit of information under the exploration heading. The information below is an exact reproduction of the relevant points from the patch notes:

  • Contested Guristas Covert Research Facility has been added to High and Low security space.
  • Besieged Covert Research Facility has been added to Low security space. (These will be unlocked once players have completed the Contested Guristas Covert Research Facility challenge)

There are a couple of different ways of interpreting these patch notes so we’ll still be eagerly awaiting the Dev blog later today but for now we can be more confident in a few things. Firstly that the sites are definitely going to be spins on the already existing Ghost sites, there’s already a little bit of back story revealed in the ‘Coming in Kronos Part II’ dev blog which states that Mordus have been scanning down and raiding Guristas research sites.

Secondly we know that the rewards will include unique ship skins and implants, the ship skins will be an interesting reveal could it be that the new Mordus Legion ships will be coming with a second skin straight from release day? I hope so and it would fit in nicely with the other 8 pirate faction skins coming in Kronos. Regarding the implants this is a bit more tricky to figure out I would have expected more warp speed implants but this wouldn’t be unique.

Finally there is confirmation that hacking the lower level Contested Guristas Covert Research Facility will unlock the higher level Besieged Covert Research Facility which is likely where the best rewards will be found. With this final step always in low sec we should see more players wondering from highsec to lowsec to complete the escalation which inevitably will result in some fun kills for pirates and the other low sec residents. One last item that I’m expecting to see drop as loot in both the high sec and low sec sites is the new low slot warp speed module the Hyperspatial Accelerator.

Overall these sites are going to be a great new addition and I’m sure we’ll all be eagerly awaiting the blog for further information later today.

Update: The dev blog revealed nothing new the loot will contain the new warp speed modules, the new low grade pirate implants (60% efficiency of current low grades) and the pirate ship skins. Also there will be data rewards that need to be sold to Mordus in null sec meaning most people will sell in Jita with a few transporting to the single Mordus null sec system.

Update 2: The contested guristas covert research facility involves hacking the Guristas Transponder Tower. You are rewarded with 1x Guristas Data Sequence on hacking success, with the drop rate being so low the value of these sites will remain low in the region of 1.5mil.