Corporation bookmarks and other little things

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Just over a week ago we were greeted on the forums with news from CCP Punkturis of another set of little thing changes from Team Super Friends. The biggest of these changes in terms of impact will be the increase in the cap on corporation bookmarks from 250 to 500. This is a great change means that large corporations with extremely large POS networks can now go about their business much easier.

The full post from CCP Punkturis is below:
ccp punkturis forum little things

Of these changes a couple more stand out to me the first being the functionality where hovering over an online/offline notification shows you the labels you’ve associated with the character. This is really useful for example if you’ve in multiple wars with targets added as contacts as it allows you to hover over them and see what corporation they are in if you’ve assigned a label to them. This is quite common behaviour for medium sized mercenary corporations who add all of their war targets to their watch list and actively hunt them, with some even going as far as adding tags to each individual with their last known location.

The other change which is really useful is the armor resistance phasing skill now follows a logical progression with cycle time reducing at the same rate as capacitor usage. Previously training this skill above level 1 was suicide and negatively impacted your capacitor usage, now we’ll be able to use reactive armor hardeners in all of their glory and benefit from quicker changes in resistances based upon the damage being received at that point in time.

It’s another set of small changes that will hopefully make life a little bit easier for a lot of people. On a final note CCP Punkturis has said that there may be more to come so we’ll provide further updates as they become available.