Crius patch notes updated

Today has been a day spent updating outdated information. The biggest of the changes I’ve made was a complete overhaul of the Crius patch notes.

The most obvious change is that each section of content is now tabbed, so thing should be easier to navigate. This means if you’re interested in just the blueprint changes relating to invention or the POS changes relating to assembly arrays it should be much easier to find. If anyone has any ideas how to make things better and easier to use just let me know.

I’ve also updated as much information as possible and had a good day of forum digging to ensure that everything was correct. If there is anything which is outdated just let me know and I’ll update it.

Finally I’ll also be adding to the patch notes as new information is released so be sure to check back on a regular basis I’ll see if there is any better way of versioning the patch notes so that when you check back it’s easy to spot what’s new.