Crius testing and hidden gems

crius release eve online

The first Crius build is now available on Singularity and with it come some hidden gems and changes we were not yet aware of. Hidden away amongst all of the other changes in the Test Server Feedback section of the forums is the following list of new changes:

  • Exemption from fleet warp – You can now choose to be exempt from fleet warps this could be helpful if you’re a scout on field or if you don’t want a spy to fleet warp your shiny super capital to its doom. There’s a symbol in the fleet window to show those exempt from fleet warp.
  • Modules can be fit without skills – You’ll now be able to fit ships without the skills but the modules will remain inactive. This is really handy for bulk fitting doctrine fits ready to go on contract to alliance, the only thing left for the player to do is online modules and off you go.
  • 7 day POS anchoring for corp – Now that you don’t need standings to anchor POS a new 7 day timer is being introduce to avoid closing corp and creating a new one this prevents players from simply unanchoring POS and creating a new corporation.
  • Single run copies for invention – Invention only requires single run copies to produce the maximum size output it also only removes one run from the BPC if using multiple run BPCs. This will potentially receive further balancing relating to decryptors as is aimed at copy time being half of build time which doesn’t add up when multiple runs are output due to decryptors giving players an abundance of science slot time.
  • POS module stacking bonus – There is a bonus for multiple Starbase structures of the same type this is currently a linear bonus, we’ll likely see this receive balancing changes during play testing. As clarified by Fuzzysteve of CSM 9  the bonus is to the build cost rather than any sort of additional material benefit.

Whilst there are likely a lot more little things to come this is a great start. I’m especially interested to see how the stacking bonus add up, also the fact that only a single run BPC is required for invention is a further nerf to T2 BPOs as single run BPC is much cheaper than max run BPC to produce. Crius is set to be a great change for industry and once SiSi slot installation costs reflect what TQ will look like we’ll be able to better test the new installation costs which will determine a lot of the future direction of highsec industry.

  • Fuzzysteve

    Just to fill in a little detail: The POS stacking bonus, is on the build cost, rather than the material cost. Still valuable, but you’ll need to see how much industry exists in your chosen system, to see if it’s worthwhile.

    • Danny Centauri

      Thanks for the info, was still downloading the latest SiSi build when I wrote this. Really interested to see how this adds up and if it’s actually worth it!

  • icecreamsammich

    So this One-Run T1 copy into max run T2 copies.Is this confirmed?Should I start copying all the things with one run?

    • Danny Centauri

      Yes confirmed by CCP Greyscale max run BPCs still won’t be wasted though as invention will subtract a single run.