Does Kronos give players a reason to go to low sec?

mordus legion npc spawn banner

So we’re a mere matter of days away from EVE Online Kronos, the last of the big EVE online expansions. With every expansion players come out of the woodwork normally to complain that the expansion has nothing for their play style. In the case of low sec players this has historically been a frequent occurrence with low sec being some of the most unloved space in New Eden especially before the introduction of Faction warfare.

With Kronos low sec players have a lot to be happy about; whilst there aren’t any huge low sec features there is an impressive list of little perks and good reasons to venture into every area of low sec space. So let’s dive into them and take a look at what low sec has to look forward to come Tuesday next week.

To start with the obvious players in Faction warfare low sec areas have some great balancing changes to look forward to. New large outposts are being added to faction warfare systems that don’t have ship restrictions to encourage larger scale warfare using battleships. Additionally the NPCs have been rebalanced and are now feature better tanks encouraging players to use higher DPS PvP fit ships. To add to this cloaking isn’t possible within capture range of a Faction warfare complex meaning that it’s much more difficult for risk adverse Faction warfare LP farming meaning that those looking to PvP should see the largest benefits. This moves Faction warfare towards being about rewarding players for PvP and less about the nonstop farming pushing down legitimate participants’ rewards in value.

A smaller change is that low sec will see its ores heavily upgraded with Hedbergite, Hemorphite, Jaspet and even in rare cases Arkonor and Bistot beginning to spawn in low sec anomalies. This will potentially encourage more people to source minerals locally in low sec space which also gives pirates more people to shoot something which they always appreciate!

Continuing with the theme of sites and exploration we’ll also be seeing that low sec is much better connected come Kronos with the number of low sec to low sec wormholes increasing massively. The idea behind this is to encourage long distance roaming fleets facilitated by wormholes which should help people to find more PvP away from their home base faster.

We’ll also start to see new Mordus Legion faction belt spawns which are similar to the tags for sec spawns where there is a single NPC with a 100% drop chance. These drops are going to be the new Mordus Legion frigate, cruiser and battleship BPCs which is yet another great reason to roam the low sec belts looking for these awesome rewards.

Not only will there be new belt spawns there will also be the new Contested Guristas Covert Research Facilities and Besieged Covert Research Facilities coming to low sec. These sites are the Mordus Legions effort to strike back against the Guristas research and a thematic expansion from the Ghost sites that were introduced in Rubicon. Whilst the story line is interesting it’s nowhere near as interesting as the rewards for finding and completing these sites! These sites will drop the new low grade pirate implants as well as 8 exclusive pirate ship skins which will not be available in the NEX store.

Overall it looks like it’s set to be a great set of changes for low sec with both Faction warfare space and the remaining low sec getting boosts to their value. With exploration hopefully dragging more players into low sec even the pirates will have something to celebrate. Increasing the worth of low sec encourages more players to risk flying there. This is by far the best way to reinvigorate an area of space which even now is all too easy to push aside and ignore when compared to the large scale conflicts of null sec space.

  • Erien

    Looking forward to the new changes. I have a few low sec alts that I will be using a bit more

    • Danny Centauri

      Yeah will be interesting thats for sure, I plan on doing a bit of exploration come release day.

  • freakna

    nothing there that will make me want to do low sec. i still cant protect my miners and thats all i want (ore). the new cloaking miner may help but will have to wait and see.

  • MelvinEstemaire

    I live in lowsec! This is totally awesome! More goodies for my ratter and potentially more adventurers from hisec to shoot at when they venture down :) And adios annoying cloakey farmers

    • Danny Centauri

      Only problem will be annoying cloaky Prospects!

  • guest69

    Low-sec in general is more fun. with the Mordus rats!
    But faction-warfare got destroyed.
    Farmers tend to be on the winning side… because taking a system became damn hard, and defending it became easier (because of the stronger NPC rats in plexes. Its insanely hard to conquer a system. If the “losing side” manages to do so… the enemy faction can flip it back easier (because they tend to have 2-3 times as many players, with the farmers).
    Of course, chasing a cloaky condor out of a plex was a nuisance… now they tend to be in a warp-stabbed cruiser/destroyer. With a powerfull NPC on their side… which basically means, you need to bring at least 2 players… A harder thing, if you are outnumbered 3-1.
    Time will tell how it eventually turns out… but i expect that warzones won’t flip sides anymore. And eventually the losing-sides players will yust leave… only making the problem worse.