Dominix redesign not in Kronos

Dominix Fanfest Redesign not in Kronos expansion

Yesterday CCP Vertex had to let us all down with the announcement that the Dominix redesign wasn’t for Kronos and was in fact something just shown at fanfest as a glimpse of what could be coming in future releases. A little bit of a let down and with the very carefully chosen wording it sounds unlikely that the Dominix redesign will make it for Crius either.

Its a pity we’re going to have to keep waiting for this one as the Dominix whilst being a widely used ship is also one of the ugliest in my personal opinion.

  • academiae

    I’m looking forward to this. Looks much better. There are a few other ships I would realy like to see a new design on. One of them is the Cormorant that, in my opinion, gives a very false sence of scale. It looks as if it’s the same size as a large truck.