Drone skill and tracking changes – Kronos feature update


The previously released dev blog ‘Giving drones an assist’ has been updated today by CCP Fozzie to provide additional information regarding tracking and the conversion of skills from the old to new system.

To start with splitting the combat drone operation skill into two new skills light and medium combat drone operation has changed slightly so that you receive the highest level skill from either combat drone operation or the scout drone operation skill. This includes partial training too so half trained skills we transfer across equally too. This simply means that you’ll have the same capabilities before and after the patch.

Secondly there are changes coming to the way in which combat drones will behave its frequent to see drones overshoot their target after microwarp drive usage and struggle to apply their damage early in an engagement. The changes increase the range at which drones start to orbit by 40-60% for small, 180-220% for medium and 1300-1500% for heavy drones and provides optimal range increases in line with this so that they can still hit their target.

What this means is that drones will now be less likely to overshoot their targets and will apply damage faster on first approach. Additionally and more importantly it means that drones will track better because they are further out. The reason for better tracking is because speed is maintained whilst orbit size has increased which means transversal will have reduced, so drones won’t be making their own lives difficult anymore and will apply damage much better.

With this change comes an interesting new differentiation between the factions drones in that Amarr and Caldari drones sit further out from their target than Gallente and Minmatar giving them better tracking. There is also adjustments to faction drone hitpoints so that Amarr and Caldari drones are tankier which means that choosing which drones to use is now a much more interesting decision and gives players a real reason to choose a faction other than Gallente or Minmatar which are predominantly used at the moment in PvP.

It’s great to see that CCP Fozzie and CCP Rise have responded so well to the community feedback and are revisiting changes as necessary.