Kronos Feature Highlight – Colour coded broadcasts


Changes in EVE Online like colour coding broadcast that deserve a lot more attention than they get simply due to the massive usability improvement that such a small change brings. The broadcast window especially in larger fleets is often a continuously flowing feed of chaos. So much so that you often find that people often spam the broadcast button to get the remote repair attention they require.

This change was likely extremely light in terms of development time but has the potentail to make a massive difference even in smaller fleets. In my early days as a mercenary in small armor fleets we used to hit shield broadcast to let logis know that you had started to take initial damage and armor broadcast when armor repair was actually required. This was great as it ensured you were prelocked before the damage that actually mattered hit and you didn’t need to worry about being in low armor before the reps actually hit. Unforunately when we got to 30 man fleets this wasn’t sustainable with far too much in the broadcast window.

With this change there are options for more tactics relating to broadcasts without total confusion or even mixed shield and armor logistics which can be useful in low skilled corporations where pilots haven’t had the time to train into uniform fleet fittings. It might not be the biggest change in EVE this summer and it might not completely revolutionise gameplay but it will make a difference to a lot of players in a little way.

Broadcast colour coding EVE online