EVE Online 11th Anniversary! Say hello to the Gecko heavy drone

A lighter version of the Dragonfly fighter the Gecko heavy drone is an awesome little gift from CCP for the 11th anniversary which is currently selling at 30mil per unit. We can also unlock 8 more of them up to 11 in total, so sell now before the price bottoms out unless you plan on keeping them.


It’s a high damage drone better with over twice the velocity of an Ogre II, over twice the HP and well over 2.5x the damage. The obvious down side being 50Mbit/sec rather than the usual 25Mbit/sec usage of a standard drone. Truly an awesome beast, full stats and the in game preview image are below:





Carrier pilots are the obvious user of these expect Thanatos pilots fielding 7 of them along with an Ogre II. All in all we could be talking double carrier damage from heavy drones, with drones that move faster than Hammerhead II’s and have a split omni damage profile. These things could be fun…

Update: As of the 13th May the EVE Community unlocked an additional 4 Gecko drones each, bringing the total to 8. Prices are currently holding at 21mil or 147mil if you’re selling your whole stock. Right now any new player not rushing to sell these is making a big mistake this amount of funding could sort out a new player all the way up until their first Battleship hull.

  • Alan

    Are they any good for Mackinaw in 0.0 for defence against rats?

    • http://www.evemanufacturing.co.uk/ Danny Centauri

      Good question and unfortunately not as you would only have the bandwidth to use a single drone. You’re better off with Hammerheads.

      • Alan

        Oh :( that’s true, BTW i like your blog a lot keep up good work

        • http://www.evemanufacturing.co.uk/ Danny Centauri

          Thanks glad you enjoy reading.