EVE Online Kronos expansion


The EVE Online Kronos expansion is only 10 days away, with this in mind we’re looking back over everything that we’ve written on Kronos so far and summarising everything here so you can find the Kronos articles you’re interested in at a single glance.

If you’re looking for something more in depth take a read of the EVE Online Kronos unofficial patch notes which break everything down and provide images and videos where ever possible. The list below covers only changes which have a specific article written about them if you want to be able to see everything go to the patch notes.


Freighter and jump freighter changes – The second pass of the freighter changes is a great improvement over the first version, all freighters and jump freighters will get three low slots with jump freighters able to gain 1-2% cargo space and freighters 21-25%.

Deep space transports and blockade runners – Deep space transports just became awesome with a 50,000m3 corporate hangar and 5% bonus per level to its capacity along with some great overheating bonuses for burst taking. Blockade runners are being boosted too with cargo space in the region of 10,000m3 and a new warp speed bonus letting them hit 7.5au/s.

Mordus legion ships – We take a closer look at the new Mordus legion ships coming in Kronos. All of these ships are designed to be missile boats with bonuses to warp disruption they also have bonuses to help damage projection with missiles doubling the velocity but halving flight time to maintain the same range.

Prospect advanced mining frigate – The prospect is the T2 variant of the Venture and is designed to be a covert miner allowing you to travel deep into enemy space and ninja mine until your hearts content. Expect to see widespread use as there are improvements across the board from yield to ore hold. A fully fit Prospect should cost in the region of 35mil once prices settle.

Modules and implants

Hyperspatial Accelerator – These new modules increase warp speed and were likely designed for freighters, with bonuses up to 0.3au/s don’t be surprised if you start to see fast tacklers start to use them also.

Changes and new pirate implants – The attribute modifiers of pirate implants are being increased by 1 putting high grade in line with +4’s. Additionally low-grade are becoming mid-grade with new low-grade implants with lower bonuses dropping as lowsec exploration loot.

Medium micro jump drives – These are designed for Battlecruisers, Commandships and deep space transports. They require 165PG and 51CPU, all other details remain the same as the large verison.


No more exploration loot spew – The introduction of loot spew wasn’t very popular so you’ll be glad to hear it’s being removed, this naturally will effect drop rates but no confirmation has been given on the actual changes.

Manufacturing the Prospect – This article goes over the details over building the prospect and calculates the build cost at 18.25mil per unit so you can expect to fit one fully in the region of 35mil including the covert ops cloak.

New low sec loot pirate ship skins – Another boost to low sec ISK making is the introduction of ship skins for the pirate factions that can exclusively be found through low sex exploration.

Visual effects, audio and UI

New star visual effects
– It’s a beautiful change that takes lens flare in EVE online to a whole new level completely changing the look and feel of space. A massive change that truly needs to be seen to be appreciated.


Other changes in Kronos – This article goes into a bunch of changes such as the introduction of the New Eden Store which replaces the NEX, hull taking improvements, UI improvements and importantly the number of k-space to k-space wormhole connections is increasing allowing for more long distance fast travel through low sec and null sec.

Starbase defence management – It’s not been confirmed or denied yet but Starbase defence management will be reduced to anchoring 4 as a prerequisite either in Kronos or Crius reducing the training time by a whole month.

  • Michael Salhany

    Forgot the warp effects, and the audio setting improvements :)

    • http://www.evemanufacturing.co.uk/ Danny Centauri

      It’s there in the full patch notes the links here only go off to dedicated pieces on individual features :)