EVE Online Kronos patch notes – The unofficial version

Eve Online Kronos hits TQ in under two weeks on the 3rd of June, there are a boat load of changes coming and currently they are all over the place hidden in forum posts, dev blogs, Fanfest keynotes and panels. The patch notes below are continually being expanded as features are announced and with new gems being added every few days it’s worth checking back for anything new.

First off I would like to say I’ve not been heavily involved in PvP for a couple of years so apologies if any of my conclusions on ship changes are a little off I’ve tried to include all of the base changes to allow you to make your own conclusions about the impact. The industry changes are more my area so the explanations and discussion here will be a bit more in depth, please note due to feature delays this post has been edited multiple times and any relevant notes moved to the new Crius patch notes post.

If you’re looking for something in specific the quick links below will be helpful:

1. New Ships
2. Ship Rebalancing
3. New modules/rigs/implants
4. Module/rig/implant balancing
5. Drone Changes
6. POS module and tower changes
7. Skill changes
8. Industry mechanics changes
9. Sound, graphics and UI changes
10. Miscellaneous

New ships

Before Fanfest even started we were told to expect 6 new ships coming to EVE Online this summer these come in three groups:

1. T2 venture variant
2. Mordus Legion faction ships
3. Guristas alliance tournament rewards

T2 Venture variant

  • The Prospect
    – A T2 variant of the Venture with covert ops cloaking, yield improvements and more storage space as well as a tank that makes it viable in null sec. This is bound to be very popular as people experiment with mining in hostile space.

Mordus legion faction ships

  • Garmur

    – This new faction frigate will be a fast and versatile skirmisher which uses missles and has extended warp disruption bonuses. We don’t know the details yet but will fill in the blanks as more info is released.
  • Orthus

    – The cruiser variant of the new Mordus faction ships the bonuses will be the same missiles, extended warp disruption and is described as a fast and versatile skirmisher. More details to be added as soon as they are available.
  • Barghest

    – The battleship of the new Mordus ships the bonuses will be the same missles, extended warp disruption and is described as a fast and versatile skirmisher. More details to be added as soon as they are available.

Alliance tournament reward ships

  • Whiptail
    – This lower end Alliance tournament XII prize is a Guristas interceptor which is based on the Condor hull. As is standard for an interceptor there is a 5% bonus to scrambler and disruptor range as well as a 15% reduction in MWD penalty. With a 10% bonus to kinetic and thermal damage per level of Gallente frigate and 4% bonus to all shield resistances per level of Caldari frigate it becomes quite durable too. Also in line with the new Guristas bonuses it receives 2 light drones each of which receives a 375% bonus to damage and hitpoints quite a scary little interceptor.
  • Chameleon
    – Sporting a 20% bonus to kinetic and thermal missiles per level of Gallente cruiser and 4% bonus to shield resistances per level of Caldari cruiser alongside a 30% bonus per level to ECM and 600% bonus to drone damage for its 2 medium drones the Chameleon is a beast. Originally there was a bit of a scare that it would have 5 medium drones but Fozzie corrected this on Twitter. The ship is based on the Blackbird hull.

Ship balancing

Exhumers and barges

  • Procurer
    – Max velocity has been increased just over 75%, signature radius reduced 25%, lock range increased by about a third scan resolution reduced by a third and a 2% bonus to strip miner and Ice harvester duration has been introduced per level of mining barge, with the strip miner yield bonus reduced to 150% from 200%. There is still an additional 60% bonus to Ice harvester duration so up to a maximum of 70% compared to the current 66.66% bonus. Overall this looks like a nerf for the procurer around 7.5% in m3 hour for ore.
  • Retriever
    – Lock range increased just over a third, scan resolution down by a sixth and a 2% bonus to strip miner and ice harvester duration at the same time that the strip miner yield bonus is reduced from 50% to 25%. Overall it’s looking like a 7.5% nerf to yield the same as the procurer saw. Still many will favour the retriever due to its mammoth ore bay.
  • Covetor
    – Improvements to mobility with align time, mass and agility all improved. Velocity is also being increased just over 40% to 100m/s. With the change to a 4% strip miner time reduction we also see an improvement of 4% in yield at the top end. The new bonus of 5% to strip miners optimal range also gives it a further advantage in terms of ISK/hr to allow this the maximum targeting range has been increased 55%.
  • Skiff
    – Following much the same pattern as the Procurer you’ll see signature radius reduced 25%, lock range increased by about a third scan resolution reduced by a third and a 2% bonus to strip miner and Ice harvester duration has been introduced per level of mining barge, with the strip miner yield bonus reduced to 150% from 200%. You’ll also see the exhumer bonus move up to 2% duration reduction from the current 1% per exhumer level improving the Skiff when compared to the Mackinaw. The biggest change is drone damage and hitpoints which both increase 50% with the new role bonus allow carebears to have teeth.
  • Mackinaw
    – Receives a 12.5% improvement to maximum velocity and lock range increased by about a third scan resolution reduced by a sixth. The biggest change is that with exhumer 4 you see a 1.6% dip in yield due to the way that role bonus was reduced and skills bonus’s introduced. Still in a really good place and will still be very popular due to cargo space.
  • Hulk
    – Improvements to mobility with align time, mass and agility all improved. Velocity is also being increased just over 100% to 140m/s. With the change to a 4% strip miner time reduction we also see an improvement of 11% in yield at the top end. Hopefully this will be enough to push more players over to using the Hulk which doesn’t really see much use outside of large group mining operations with Orcas or Freighters in belt.

Pirate frigates

  • Succubus
    – Moving towards the afterburner theme for Sansha the Succubus gains a 20% bonus to afterburner velocity per level of Caldari frigate, replacing its 5% damage bonus. The role bonus is increased to 150% small energy turret damage from 100% meaning the old skill bonus exactly matches the new role bonus (1.25 (25% bonus) * 2.00 (100% bonus) = 2.50 (150% bonus)). In terms of slots a utility high slot is lost and exchanged for a third low, PG and CPU both go down slightly potentially making it a bit more difficult to fit. Velocity, agility and align time are all improved quite drastically too for a considerable boost making the Succubus usable for the first time ever.
  • Cruor
    – The theme for Blood ships is super NOS which always act as though your capacitor is empty giving them 100% efficiency. The Minmatar frigate bonus is changed to 20% stasis web range bonus rather than 10% effectiveness bonus to prevent overlap with Serpentis. The slot layout remains the same and PG is decreased by 7 whilst CPU is increased by 3. Shield HP is reduced about 20% whilst armor is increased 12.6%. Cap recharge is reduced improving cap stability about 10%. Finally velocity is increased about 5% and room and bandwidth for two light drones is added making it a really nice little ship.
  • Worm
    – The Guristas bonus relates to drones which are being given a 300% bonus to damage and hitpoints, in return for a 60% reduction in bandwidth. This still leaves you up by 20% on drone damage. The Gallente frigate bonus to drone capacity became redundant and is replaced with 10% per level to kinetic and thermal missile damage. Slot layout is not changing but the same mobility boosts are being seen as with the other faction frigates. Quite a large jump in cap stability is also being added with an increase of close to 20% and small reshuffles in EHP see a greater shield HP focus.
  • Daredevil
    – The old school Serpentis 10% bonus to stasis web bonus survives but due to this the Daredevil doesn’t receive much in terms of other buffs the major change is the additional 25% to lock range taking base lock up to a respectable 25km. Other than this all of the other changes add up to almost nothing with <5% armor HP drops and +0.01 cap per second recharge rate increase really meaning nothing for its effectiveness. Don’t get me wrong still a very powerful ship that is lucky to have not been nerfed.
  • Dramiel
    – The Angel bonus to warp speed and acceleration makes the Dramiel the super tackler it’s always been and a 3km increase in lock range is nice but meh. Overall the changes simply keep it in line with its current level of power which is no surprise as CCP Rise stated the objective was to drap everything else up to the level of the Daredevil and Dramiel rather than to nerf our most loved pirate frigates out  of existence.

Pirate cruisers

  • Phantasm
    – Once again the new Sansha role bonus comes in to play with a 20% bonus to afterburner velocity. The Phantasm loses 1 high slot in exchange for 2 lows a trade I would take any day especially as even after losing the slot you have a utility high to play with. Shield hitpoints are boosted just over 10%
    and base velocity almost 40% with capacitor improvements and signature radius reductions too it’s going to make for a very interesting ship to fly. Damage remains the same due to the way the bonus’s multiply by each other.
  • Ashimmu
    – The Blood bonus to allow Nosferatu to be 100% effective regardless of your capacitor level applies again here whilst the web bonus switches over to 20% bonus to range per level rather than the current 10% bonus to effectively. A straight exchange of a high for a low makes the Ashimmu a bit more tanky and leaves room for 2 NOS alongside the 3 turrets. Drone bandwidth is quadrupled up to 40 and armor HP increases over 10% this series of boosts and an 18% velocity bonus once again make for great possibilities. Pirate cruisers of all types are going to become much more frequently used.
  • Gila
    – Has the new Guristas high damage drone bonus with a 500% bonus to medium drone damage and hitpoints with drone bandwidth taking a massive hit in return down to 20. The missile damage bonus moves over to the Gallente cruiser bonus. An additional launcher hard point slightly increases the damage of the ship further and PG and CPU increases of 40 and 50 make it viable to use this hard point.
  • Vigilant
    – The Serpentis web bonus of 10% per level wasn’t nerfed which should be enough for most vigilant pilots. Power grid however was dropped by 150 but with armor HP going up 7.5% an additional 14km lock range and 16% improvement to base velocity there are still plenty of reasons to be happy as a
    Vigilant pilot.
  • Cynabal
    – The Angel warp speed bonus applies once again and CCP Rise stated that the Cynabal will warp at the speed of a frigate making it an awesome and powerful tackler. There are however drops in PG and CPU of 120 and 15 which could make fitting a bit more awkward. A slight nerf to the overall combat ability but whilst travelling at the speed of a frigate Cynabals will still be worth the money even if you have to drop your NOS/Neut.

Pirate battleships

  • Nightmare
    – The Sansha bonus to afterburners continues with a 30% bonus to afterburner velocity per level of Caldari battleship. The previous 5% bonus to energy turrets is now tied up in role bonus so players who only have Caldari BS 4 see a small boost without the long train. An additional low slot has been added further boosting the ship and shield HP was boosted by close to 10%, max velocity has also been increased by over 20% and signature radius reduced slightly too.
  • Bhaalgorn
    – There really aren’t that many changes to the Bhaalgorn the biggest changes are an increase in drone bandwidth of 25Mbit and a 10km increase in targeting range with a small 5% buff to armor HP. The largest change is to Nosferatu bonus which means that Nos is 100% effective regardless of the level of your capacitor effectively making Nos work like it used to.
  • Rattlesnake
    – The Rattlesnake has received a 275% bonus to Heavy drones and sentries at the same time that maximum drone bandwidth was reduced to 50Mbit. An additional launcher hard point was also added for a small damage increase overall the changes shouldn’t have too big an impact.
  • Vindicator
    – The vindicator receives a 50% bonus to lock range and a bunch of other really small changes. Both of the launcher hard points are removed and other than that nothing really changes. No surprise for such a popular ship that was already very widely used.
  • Machariel
    – The little tweaks really add up to nothing other than a 20% increase in targeting range. Other than this the warp speed velocity bonus makes a massive difference making the Mach warp at the speed of a cruiser which is really just an extension of its current PvP usage as a hit and run ship.

Other ships

  • Phoenix
    – With Kronos the Phoenix loses its damage bonus and gains 4% shield resistance bonus. The previous damage bonus is now going to be tied up into the module itself with Citadel missiles receiving other boosts too which are detailed later. The Phoenix should become more viable and carriers shouldn’t be able to speed tank Citadel missiles as easy.
  • Supercarriers
    – Ensure you read the drone section if you’re a super pilot as your fighter bombers are doubling in damage and volume whilst halving in number from 20 to 10. It’s vital that current Supercarrier pilots remove excess bombers before release as otherwise they won’t be able to move until they eject excess bombers which will be moved to cargo.
  • Dreadnoughts
    – Just a small tweak at this point in time to increase the signature radius of all dreadnoughts making them even easier to hit with citadel torpedos. The signature radius of each ship is as follows. Revelation: 4100 (+1125), Naglfar: 4000 (+1140), Moros: 4300 (+1255) and Phoenix: 4200 (+1100).
  • Deep space transports
    – All have a 50,000m3 fleet hangar with 5% bonus to capacity per transport ship level, as the fleet hangar capacity is not effected by modules this encourages players to fit a tank especially now they have more slots to do so. Additionally they have bonuses to overheating which makes transport ships capable of short burst tanking and propulsion.
  • Blockade runners
    – All of the blockade runners will have two highslots and improved cargo allowing them to exceed 10,000m3 cargo with t1 rigs. Additionally their previous tanking bonus is replaced with 5% bonus to warp speed meaning maxed out you reach 7.5au/s. Finally a fairly insignificant change is the introduction of T2 resists.
  • Freighters
    – In the second pass of the freighter changes rig slots have been removed and 3 low slots added. This allows freighters to increase their current cargo capacity by between 21% and 25%. Additionally with modules being really easy to change on the fly compared to rigs this second pass of the changes allows for situational refitting of freighters.
  • Jump freighters
    – Isn’t being hit as hard as was previously planned, jump freighters will now get 3 low slots rather than the previously proposed 2 rig slots. This means will expanded cargoholds JFs lose out on HP due to structure HP penalties but gain 1% to 2% in cargo capacity. In a future release, likely Crius, there is a low slot module planned to reduce fuel usage too which will further help jump freighters.

New modules/rigs/implants

  • Hull hitpoint rigs
    – This is a new series of rigs that increase hull hit points by 20% for 50 calibration at T1 and 25% for 75 calibration for T2 rigs.
  • New drone modules
    – There isn’t much in the way of details yet but what we do know is that there will be low slot Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancers and faction variants of the Drone Damage Amplifier and Drone Navigation Computer. The faction modules are going to be available in both standard and Faction Warfare LP stores.
  • Medium micro jump drive
    – A new micro jump drive is being added for Battlecruisers, Commandships and Deep Space Transports. It requires 165 Powergrid and 51 CPU. The range is still 100km, spool up 12 seconds and cool down 3 minutes the same as the large version.
  • New Pirate Implants
    – There are new low grade implants with lower bonuses, the current low grade pirate implants are to be renamed to mid grade as part of this change. The new implants will be found exclusively through low sec exploration and will provide +2 attribute modifiers, it’s a really great to see entry level pirate implants if drop rates are higher than current low grade implants expect a set to come in around the 300mil mark.
  • Hyperspatial Accelerators
    – These are low slot modules that increase warp speed, up to a maximum of three can be fitted per ship. These were clearly originally designed for freighters however expect to see some super speedy warp speed interceptor fits being created. There are 3 varieties with the best providing a 0.3au/s improvement all of which are found in low sec exploration.

Module/rig/implant balancing

  • Citadel Cruise Launchers
    – At long last Citadel missiles are getting a boost and receive a 20% rate of fire bonus with the missiles receiving a 34% higher missile velocity, 38% better explosion velocity but 14% explosion radius nerf. The general objective was to reduce time to damage was applied whilst also preventing carriers from being able to speed tank citadel missiles.
  • Citadel Torpedo Launchers
    – Citadel torps launchers are getting a boost too and receive a 25% rate of fire bonus with the missiles receiving a 100% higher missile velocity, 75% better explosion velocity but 50% explosion radius nerf. The general objective once again was to reduce time to damage was applied, halving it in the case of torps, whilst also preventing carriers from being able to speed tank citadel missiles.
  • Nosferatu
    – Is received a decrease in cycle time of 16.66% providing a 20% improvement in capacitor draining ability. When combined with Blood ship bonuses Nosferatu will be very powerful.
  • Warp speed rigs
    – are being reduced slightly in effectiveness and will now have stacking penalties with each other.
  • Ascendancy Omega
    – Set bonus improved to 70% for high grade and 35% for low grade, compared to the current 50% and 25% bonuses. This should improve the bonus from the Omega well beyond the Eifyr and Co ‘Rogue’ Warp Drive Speed WS-615 and WS-618.
  • Mining crystals
    – Volume reduced by 60% to allow everyone to make use of all of the types of ORE in every single belt.
  • Pirate implants
    – High grade implants now provide +4 attribute modifiers, low grade is being renamed mid grade and will provide a +4 attribute modifier. With no losses to skill training expect pirate implants to become even more popular with mission runners.

Drone changes

  • Damage and speed changes
    – Drones are moving onto a spectrum so that high speed drones have low damage and low spee drones have high damage. This gives a hierarchy that puts Gallente at the high damage end of the spectrum and Minmatar at the high speed end. In the middle we have Caldari with high damage and reasonable speed and Amarr with reasonable damage and high speed. This should help to move away from the Gallente and Minmatar drone dominance that currently exists.
  • Balance between meta levels
    – Currently balance and consistency between meta levels is a little bit off for drones and this being sorted out. T2 drones will be T1 plus a 20% bonus to damage, hitpoints, speed and tracking with the additional 2% per level skill bonus. Faction Navy drones are changing to get a boost to speed and damage leaving T2 drones only further bonus being from the 2% per level specialisation skill. Integrated and Augmented drones are also being improved and will see 15% more damage and 32% more damage respectively when compared to T1. This means Augmented drones have damage on par with a max skilled T2 drone.
  • Balance between light, medium and heavy
    – Currently each class of drone has half the MWD speed of the class smaller than it meaning small drones are 4 times as fast as a heavy. This is changing so that each size of drone has 60% of the speed of the size below it giving a 20% boost to medium drone and 43% boost to heavy drone MWD speed. This change helps larger drones get to target faster but won’t help the keep up so a fast target can still outrun heavy drones as it’s a MWD speed change only.
  • Sentry drone meta changes
    – To start with T1 sentries are getting a boost to damage to put the damage in line with T2 meaning that the only T2 damage gain is from the 2% per level racial specialisation. Additionally Faction Navy sentries will get the same 20% increase in optimal and falloff that T2 has this closes the gap between T1 and T2 sentries significantly.
  • Sentry drone balancing changes
    – Sentry drones are being balanced on a scale of high damage, high tracking, low range to high range, low damage, low tracking. The scale goes from the Garde to Curate, Bouncer and then Warden at the far end as the long range low damage sentry. This involved swapping the damage output of the Bouncer and Curator and also moving some of Bouncers optimal range into falloff. There is now a wide variety of range and damage profiles which could result in interesting game play.
  • Fighters and fighter bombers
    – The base damage of fighters and bombers is being reduced in order to keep damage the same now that they benefit from the drone skills. The same applies to modules so we’ll potentially see more varied capital fittings and better use of faction drone damage amplifiers.
  • Supercarrier bonuses
    – We’re seeing Supercarriers have their maximum number of drones cut to 10 whilst at the same time seeing a 100% damage bonus introduced and fighter bomber volume doubled. Current pilots beware if you have too many fighter bombers then you won’t be able to move until you jettison them come release day!
  • Shadow fighter bomber
    – A nice 7% increase in damage is coming with Kronos to try and encourage the more flush Supercarrier pilots to splash out on these expensive toys.

POS module and tower changes

These features have just been delayed to Crius release on the 22nd July, please see the Crius patch notes post for more information.

Skill changes

Some of the skill changes have been delayed until Crius release which is due on the 22nd July.

  • Drone interfacing
    – The current 20% bonus to damage per level is being reduced to 10% with the other 50% damage being added back into the base stats of the drones. This makes drones a much more viable weapon system for a less skilled player.
  • Combat drone operation
    – Is being split into two skills one for light and one for medium drones, if you have combat drone operation you will get both of the new skills to the same level as your current combat drone operation.
  • Drone skills apply to all drones
    – This means that racial drone specialisation now gives a damage boost to T2 Sentries and also that Fighters and Fighter bombers benefit from drone interfacing, drone sharpshooting, drone durability and drone navigation.
  • Drone skills renamed
    – Scout drone operation is being renamed to Drone Avionics and Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing is being named to Advanced Drone Avionics.

Industry mechanics changes

The industry features planned in the Kronos release have now been delayed until Crius, please read my Crius patchnotes for more information. The Crius release is due on the 22nd July.

Sound, graphics and UI

      • Sound settings
        – Are being vastly improved and to a dramatic effect, don’t like the annoying station sounds say goodbye. Looking to only hear gun sound effects and no star gate activation sound go ahead. There are so many possibilities and combined with the ability to dampen the sounds from inactive clients multi boxers can now play EVE with sound.
      • New warp in/out effect
        – This change has a dramatic visual impact, it sort of reminds me of StarTrek but words can’t do it justice will update soon with video once on SiSi.
      • Updated station visuals
        - We’re now going to have faction specific skins for stations giving a lot more variety to the look of stations in New Eden. There are some truly beautiful screen shots of the new stations around and I’ll update soon with some visuals.
      • New ship models
        Moa redesign EVE Online
        – We get nice new redesigns of the Moa, Condor and Typhoon. All of them look really great however it now transpires that the Domi redesign wasn’t for Kronos so we have to live with the space spud a little longer.
      • Additional ship skins
        – There are 12 new ship skins are available for purchase through the nex store, CCP have plans to furhter extend this customisation in a further release also.
      • Better tool tips
        – This was shown at Fanfest but wasn’t made 100% clear if it will be in Kronos or not I’ll keep an eye on the forums and update when any new information is discovered. This was released earlier than expected in Rubicon.
      • New timers for module reload and repair
        – Module reload and repair timers used to be a mystery but they are now displayed. This is a really useful little change that I’m looking forward to heat damage is so slow to repair it almost feels broken being able to see it move is reassuring.

    • Improved Kill report lists
      – You can now filter Kill Report lists by victim name, corporation, alliance or ship type. Additionally the loading of the lists has been fixed so that they won’t stutter
    • Right click menu

      – You can now move through the navigation menus much easier and scrolling outside the boundaries of the menu shouldn’t cause it to disappear. The boundaries appear to have been extended so you can scroll diagonally to bottom item in menu. This was released earlier than expected in Rubicon.
    • More UI and usability improvements
      – There’s a load of changes including the ability to drag and drop some chat channels to provide a link to them, two different warp disruption icons one for scramblers and one for disruptors, fleet adverts easier to create as previous settings saved, right click menu to clear broadcasts in watchlist and a whole host of other little improvements.
    • Broadcast window improvement
      – Different broadcasts are being color coded to make it easier to see what is going on, which should make a massive difference especially for those who aren’t used to removing certain broadcast types if flying logistics.

EVE Online Broadcast window color coding


    • Faction warfare complexes
      – CCP Fozzie confirmed that come the Kronos release it will be impossible to cloak within capture range of a FW button, with cloaking deactivated within a 30km radius.
      – Additionally NPC spawning is changing with the spawn timer randomized after the previous NPC is destroyed with respawn every 90 to 180 seconds.
      – The DPS of FW NPCs is being decreased between 20% and 40% they will also have lower HP but higher active repair rate encouraging a focus on high DPS fittings.
      – New large complexes are being introduced to encourage larger ship classes to participate in faction warfare more frequently.
    • Dogma rework
      – This is a rework of the system which calculates bonuses from skills and hulls to give your final ship stats. It was unclear whether we get this with Kronos or shortly afterwards either way it doesn’t affect gameplay and is an optimisation change to improve server performance. Still always good news to hear the battle against lag continues.
    • Mordus Faction Spawns
      – The new Mordus legion ships aren’t just available from the nullsec LP store they will also be made available through faction spawns in lowsec belts. The drop rate of the spawn is 100% and they will spawn about as frequently as hauler spawns do currently in lowsec currently.
    • The number of k-space to k-space wormholes is increasing – We’re going to see the chance of lowsec to lowsec increase to 20% and lowsec to nullsec increase to 9%. Lowsec to highsec chance is remaining the same to prevent it from effecting space truckers too much.
    • NEX changing to New Eden Store
      – The New Eden Store is an overhaul of how CCP manage stuff for PLEX and Aurum purchases. We’re going to see AUR move to an account wide resource rather than per character as well as services like re-sculpturing and additional training queues move into the New Eden Store to increase visibility.
    • Hull tanking tweaks
      – Reinforced bulkheads are being changed to have a cargo penalty rather than velocity penalty the same also applies to the rigs which will have a cargo penalty when they are introduced.
    • Exploration loot spew removal
      – The loot spew mechanic introduced in Odyssey is being removed expect this to impact the prices of decryptors and datacores due to the change in drop rates to 70% of current. This may actually see a reduction in supply with players often avoiding cans likely to drop low value loot and gaining most of the high value items.
    • MAC OS X Cider Upgrade
      – This means that players using MAC don’t have to worry about annoying bugs that currently exist such as stars and warp disruption bubbles flickering. Additionally drone bays and other areas will graphically display their shields again and ships with blinking lights will blink once again.
    • Mordus combat sites
      – As part of the release of the new Mordus ships we’re getting some nice new Mordus combat sites, right now these are hellishly unbalanced with players testing them and needing 4 carriers to break them. Still its some great additional content for low sec further increasing the value of the space.

Mordus legion exploration sites

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