EVE Invention Chance Calculator

Invention Calculator

Select Chance modifier Runs modifier Final ME Final TE Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar
N/A 0 -4 -4 N/A N/A N/A N/A
-40% +9 -6 -3 Occult Augmentation Esoteric Augmentation Incognito Augmentation Cryptic Augmentation
-10% +7 -2 -4 Optimized Occult Augmentation Optimized Esoteric Augmentation Optimised Incognito Augmentation Optimised Cryptic Augmentation
0% +2 -3 0 Occult Symmetry Esoteric Symmetry Incognito Symmetry Cryptic Symmetry
+10% 0 -1 -1 Occult Process Esoteric Process Incognito Process Cryptic Process
+20% +1 -2 1 Occult Accelerant Esoteric Accelerant Incognito Accelerant Cryptic Accelerant
+50% +3 -3 -5 Occult Parity Esoteric Parity Incognito Parity Cryptic Parity
+80% +4 -5 -2 Occult Attainment Esoteric Attainment Incognito Attainment Cryptic Attainment
+90% +3 -3 -5 Optimised Occult Attainment Optimised Esoteric Attainment Optimised Incognito Attainment Optimised Cryptic Attainment

This comprehensive EVE online invention chance calculator provides you the chance that your invention job will be successfully completed. This tool is still under development and whilst the calculations are completely accurate we’re looking to add additional features to make it more user friendly and to make it easier to know exactly which decryptor to use.