Exploration loot ship skins coming to EVE Online Kronos

Blood raider prophecy EVE online
Yesterday on Twitter CCP Fozzie announced that an additional 8 ship skins are coming to Kronos which will not be available through the New Eden Store. All of these 8 skins will be pirate faction and will only be rewarded in exploration complexes. The ships are:

  • Prophecy Blood Raiders Edition
  • Coercer Blood Raiders Edition
  • Brutix Serpentis Edition
  • Catalyst Serpentis Edition
  • Ferox Guristas Edition
  • Cormorant Guristas Edition
  • Cyclone Thukker Tribe Edition
  • Thrasher Thukker Tribe Edition

Currently only the Thukker Thrasher model isn’t available but I’ll update with a screen shot of it as soon as it becomes available on SiSi. Fozzie said that the sexiest ship coming to Kronos was the Prophecy Blood Edition and having seen these screen shots I certainly won’t argue with him.

Once again really happy with this change so far Kronos is lined up to be a great expansion with explorers being the latest group of players who CCP have just made very happy by limiting these skins to exploration loot only. Here they are in all their glory.

Blood Raider Prophecy - EVE online ship skin Thukker Cyclone  - EVE online ship skin Serpentis Brutix  - EVE online ship skin Serpentis Catalyst  - EVE online ship skin Blood raider Coercer  - EVE online ship skin Guristas Ferox  - EVE online ship skin Gusistas Cormorant  - EVE online ship skin