First Barghest loss

barghest battleship loss mail banner

With the release of the new Mordus Legion faction ships comes the usual race to be the first to kill one. The Barghest only hit the market at around 18:00 EVE time and did so at 3bil, only a mere matter of hours later at 21:10 the first Barghest was lost. The in game kill report is reproduced below.


I reached out to all of the pilots involved for their side of the story, here is the response of Nisha Devi the Vindicator pilot on the killmail:

The corp and I were having a bit of relaxed pew in jita on the 4-4 (main station). I was suspect from hero repping a Gila that had war target problems in my Nestor for fun, and after a few minutes I got a random duel invite so I accept it and see its the new Mordus legion battleship and think theres no way he’s gonna fight in that.

I really didn’t want to waste my ammo just for it to dock, the Barghest pilot then sent Shiro a duel invite as well which confirmed my suspicions that he really isnt planning on fighting at all, so i go about ignoring him.

Meanwhile Shiro was trying to decide on what to try and kill it with and decided on the Myrm and goes out to agress it, with me being suspect and previously having about 6 battleships shooting my Nestor, I was hesititent to come out and agress with them still on the undock. My corp mates rallied and said they got me if I get blobbed, and undocked their remote rep ships. Shiro had already gone out and then she called out that the battleship had agressed, so with him shooting her and vice versa I undocked my vindi and my corp got their reps ready and I began firing on it.

To try and ensure it died I overheated my guns, with overheat my Vindi puts out 2k dps and Shiro’s mrym is pretty good as well so i’d estamate it was around 2.8k dps on it total. As Shiro had been shooting him a while his ASBs were already working through cap boosters so I think one of them ran out and during that reload his tank melted. There really was no recovery from that and then pop, the bs exploded, thankfully the officer neut didnt drop because the loot was all stolen by the usual Jita theives.

After a little a few high fives in teamspeak, one of our corp mates Be4st checked and told us we were the first to kill one, which brought a few more high fives on TS. With that we knew we had set our own little place in eve history.

Just goes to show, weither you live in null, low or high sec you never know when you’ll add your own piece of history to EVE.

Additionally Yuki Michi replied with the following response which goes to show he took the loss quite well:

–Poitot Defense Force Ministry of Defense–
==Official Press Release==

On the third day of the sixth month in the 2014th year of our glorious leader, a brave and noble PTDF pilot Yuki Michi was struck down in glorious battle against the oppressors and non-believers. The ferocity with which he fought have never before been seen in this universe or beyond. Brave warrior Yuki was sent to the den of godless heathens in their “secured” space of Jita by the Glorious Leader himself on a mission of critical importance to [REDACTED] the high sec fleet of [REDACTED]. With his goals accomplished and the enemy completely crushed, Brave Warrior Yuki then set about dualing all godless heathens directly on their home turf. Yuki Michi died a hero and sacrificed himself so that the PTDF can continue to thrive and prosper while keeping the glorious motherland of Poitot a free place for all.

When the news of the battle and success of Yuki Michi reached the Glorious Leader he shed a single tear and named this day Yuki Michi day, to be celebrated by all who fly under the PTDF flag. With the help of brave pilots like Yuki Michi, the Poitot Defense Force will continue to thrive and prosper.

Released by [REDACTED], Press Minister of the PTDF MOD
Approved by the Glorious Leader himself.

-=PTDF=- We fight to keep Poitot free

His response is repeated exactly as it was sent, which includes the redacted statements. Thanks go to both pilots for sending a detailed account of events.