EVE online tooltip fix, did you spot it?

EVE Online tooltips banner

The new tooltips that we’re released as part of the last point release of Rubicon had a very mixed reception. Whilst the information displayed could prove extremely useful for a new player many of the experienced members of the EVE Online community found it extremely frustrating especially in situations where lots of brackets are displayed on screen and tool tips were popping up every half second.

To make things easier in a small update CCP have included a new setting for tooltips, and whilst we can’t completely remove them we can now at least play with the delay for them to display.

EVE Online tooltip delay setting

Increasing the time delay means that simple tasks like activating a module can be done without tooltips displaying all the time. You can even turn it to a super slow setting and play EVE online pretty much tooltip free. What surprises me is that the change has been live a while now and speaking to many old friends in EVE they hadn’t even realised that it has been released. So join us in tooltip free bliss and slide the setting right up to the top.