Free Stuff Friday – Pirate cruiser winners announced

winners banner pirate cruisers
The winners of the Free Stuff Friday competition this week have just been announced on Twitter they have all been sent direct messages with Rixx currently the only one to claim his prize.

I’ve been asked if I would mind sharing the way in which the draw is conducted just to prove things aren’t rigged so for those interested here is the ticket number spreadsheet and the links to the EVE dice rolls for week 1 and week 2 of free stuff Friday. Entrants are ordered alphabetically just so I can quickly manually check for duplicates.

With one more Free Stuff Friday still to come to celebrate Kronos which is released on the 3rd of June I want to make the final competition a big one. With that in mind I’m looking to open it up to the whole EVE community by allowing entry simply by leaving a comment directly on the competition post on the site allowing those who aren’t on Twitter to enter too.

As for the prize for the final Kronos release free stuff Friday it’s still to be confirmed but I’ll do my best not to disappoint and make it a prize fit to celebrate the upcoming Kronos release. Expect to see the final prize announced on on Wednesday 28th May.