Free Stuff Friday – Prize announcement

free stuff friday pirate battleship givaway

With the final Free Stuff Friday draw starting this week on Friday 30th May I’ve decided to announce ahead of schedule the final prize in the series of Free Stuff Friday competitions that have been running in the lead up to EVE Online Kronos.

This week the prize will be a pirate battleship of the winners choice, which follows nicely the theme which started with pirate frigates on the 16th May and then moved onto pirate cruisers on the 23rd May.

Last week we had 59 entries for 3 prizes giving everyone slightly better than a 1 in 20 chance of winning with 0 ISK entry cost. Free Stuff Friday has been about celebrating the upcoming changes in the Kronos release so in the spirit of the whole community being able to get involved this week Free Stuff Friday will not be exclusive to Twitter and will simply require a comment on the competition blog post to enter. If you consider that in the last week the tweetfleet hashtag has had just under 1600 users then limiting entrance to Twitter really restricts the number of people who can get involved.

The exact rules will be posted on Friday morning before downtime so keep an eye on the blog for more information. At this point all I’m willing to reveal is that entrance will be free and there will be a pirate battleship up for grabs.

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