Further updates from Greyscale on BPO changes


With Kronos being released tomorrow it’s worth taking the time to look further ahead to Crius and the changes to BPOs that are still to come. As Kronos is the last release with the old industry mechanics it’s vital that industry players start to gain an understanding of the coming changes to avoid losses come Crius release day.

To this end CCP Greyscale has been extremely active on the forums discussing with players proposed changes to BPOs and invention. To briefly touch on the changes to invention the idea is that come Crius invention will be much more competitive with T2 BPOs and will result in only positive ME and TE blueprint copies. Additionally the maximum output runs of the BPCs is currently being investigated to try and make bulk manufacturing here a bit easier and invention mass manufacturing competitive with T2 blueprint original manufacturing.

Straight away we can pull out one big obvious improvement which is to copy time, which will now be 80% of build time. Once you start to take skills into effect manufacturing time is reduced 20% whilst copying time is reduced 25% which gives copying about a 25% time advantage. This is before labs and manufacturing arrays are taken into account too and with labs reducing copy time by 40% and advanced ship assembly arrays reducing time by 25%. This leaves copy time at 36% of base and manufacturing time at 60% of base giving a 40% difference between final copying and manufacturing times a massive bonus when it comes to copying to build. I’m going to investigate this when Crius hits Singularity as it seems too good to be true, but if it is the case then my capital production will be moving to copy to build.

There are also large changes to invention time which will be equal to half the build time for the output (the full 10 module runs for T2 mods or 1 ship run for T2 ships) plus half the build time for the T1 base hull or module. From this the copy time for a single run blueprint copy of the base hull or module will be subtracted. The value will then be adjusted in the region of 10% either direction to make the numbers a bit more fuzzy so that some construction is more build time intensive whilst others are more research time intensive. All of this is calculated before skills, POS modules and implants too to give a base starting point for invention times.

Overall this shows that science will be more time intensive than manufacturing, the reason for this is that during invention most players will not be using single run BPCs they will in fact be using max run BPCs and in the case of ship invention they will also be using decryptors. This means you’ll likely have the time to run some T1 build jobs and plenty of spare time to build your POS fuel, still to keep your construction running full time you may be better off buying copies from other players and using your science slots for invention allowing you to run T2 construction full time.

The rank selection of BPOs has also been clarified with CCP Greyscale providing the following details:
– Mods are 3/6/9 for S/M/L, 6 for all “unsized” mods, 40 for capital mods, and 10x larger for T2
– Ships are 20-60 for subcaps (stepped through frigate/destroyer/cruiser etc in 10s), 200-600 for caps, and then again multiplied by 10 for T2
– Charges are 1/2/3/4 by size, * 10 for T2
– Drones are 1/2/3/40, * 10 for T2
– Starbase structures are somewhat arbitrary, turrets are 20/30/40, other structures are 40/60/80, and towers are 100/200/300
– Rigs are 5/10/15/20, * 10 for T2
– Components, RDbs etc need revision
– Misc stuff is misc – deployables are in the 5-15 range, outpost stuff is all approximately capital sized, various other things such as T3 gubbins are in the 2-3 range

The ranks are multiplied by the following level seconds requirements below to give research times for ME and TE.

Level Seconds Approx Total
1 105 1m 45s
2 250 4m
3 595 10m
4 1414 24m
5 3360 56m
6 8000 2h
7 19000 5h
8 45255 12h
9 107700 1d
10 256000 3d

This will mean that maxing out ME at TE for capital BPOs will take in the region of 5 years, which seems reasonably balanced overall the changes look great and nothing seems too far out of place with CCP Greyscale proactively responding to feedback and tweaking his numbers to specific use cases as required.

One thing that isn’t changing is component build time, what hasn’t been mentioned yet is the effect on copy times for components as this could massively change the balance of capital production. If copy times are massively below build times a lot of players will start copy to build programs allowing the currently BPOs to have higher outputs which will ultimately mean increased output and reduced profit per unit for capital manufacturers.

Overall we can’t really draw any solid conclusions from the changes as things are still changing so frequently but if there is one thing that we can be confident with it’s that copy to build will be a frequent occurrence and that things are being skewed more in the direction of science than manufacturing as the bottleneck for T2 production so as is already the case you may be better off outsourcing blueprint copying for large scale T2 production.

What will be nice come Crius is that things will be a lot easier to understand with a bit more flat landscape we’ll see modules of similar sizes and classes with similar requirements making things easier for new players to understand however there will still be fluctuation and nuances in the system allowing for more experience players to optimise the process and make the best ISK per hour. As CCP Greyscale updates his changes and we get closer to Crius I’ll provide further updates.