Get paid to watch the Fanfest 2013 Livestream!

New Pirate Frigs

So Fanfest 2013 is around the corner and for those unlucky souls like myself who can’t go CCP are selling the livestream this year the live stream comes with:

  • High Definition Live Stream – All three days of Fanfest coverage from the exciting opening moments to the roof-rattling Party at the Top of the World, are in-game items for
  • Quafe Commemorative T-shirt (EVE Online) – both male and female versions
  • Pirate Faction Frigate (EVE Online) – your choice of one of the five recently-released faction frigates
  • 50 copies of the Quafe Scout vk.0 dropsuit (DUST 514) – a flashy and effective dropsuit for confident mercenaries

Being unable to resist an easy profit I had to check the market on these new items, a single PLEX costs 520mil so what about the items. Well I picked up the Immolator which sold at a easy 350mil and then the buy order sucked on the Quafe T-shirts so I set up sell orders for them both at 195mil. No more than 5 minutes later both had sold!

PLEX – 520mil

Immolator – 350mil
Male Shirt – 195mil
Female Shirt – 195mil

This left me with profit: 220mil!

Thanks once again to our wonderful player driven market, the EVE community has just paid me 220mil to watch Fanfest this year, much appreciated gents.