Guristas Data Sequences – Not on market yet

With the launch of Kronos comes the Guristas Infiltration live event where players complete the new Contested Guristas Covert Research Facilities in order to unlock the higher tier besieged sites.

The loot from these has been confirmed as Guristas Data Sequences which are exchangeable in 5ZXX-K for the new Mordus Legion ship BPCs. The exchange rates for the Mordu’s Legion ships are:

  • Garmur (Frigate) – 1 run BPC – 75 Guristas Data Sequences
  • Orthrus (Cruiser) – 1 run BPC – 200 Guristas Data Sequences
  • Barghest (Battleship) – 1 run BPC – 700 Guristas Data Sequences

Unfortunately at this point in time the Guristas Data Sequences cannot be traded on the market which restricts players from selling them in Jita for others to redeem out in 0.0 this will likely stall the new ships from getting to market.

CCP Falcon confirmed that as of downtime tomorrow the Guristas Data Sequences will be market tradable opening up the opportunity to sell them which should bring more of the new Mordus Legion ships to market. We can probably expect the data sequences to sell in the region of 2-3mil for the first week eventually dropping to a price in the region of 0.75-1.5mil.

At the time of publishing the prices are as follows:

  • Garmur (Frigate) – 200mil buy order – 449mil sell orders
  • Orthrus (Cruiser) – 495mil buy order – No sell orders yet
  • Barghest (Battleship) – 1088mil buy order – No sell orders yet

The fact that the data sequences are missing from market is a small mistake on CCPs behalf but with it being resolved tomorrow it shouldn’t have too much of an impact.