New Hyperspatial Accelerator module in Kronos

Interceptors and hyperspatial accelerator module banner

This summer with Kronos a new module is being introduced, the Hyperspatial Accelerator. This new module will come in three varieties all of which are low slot modules that use only 1 PG and 0 CPU. Additionally there is a cap of a maximum of three of these modules fitted to a ship, which by no great surprise happens to be the number of low slots freighters and jump freighters are being given. The three versions that are initially being made available are:

  • Limited Hyperspatial Accelerator which increases warp speed by 0.2au/s
  • Experimental Hyperspatial Accelerator which increases warp speed by 0.25au/s
  • Prototype Hyperspatial Accelerator which increases warp speed by 0.3au/s

To use these modules you only require Warp Drive Operation 1 which should hopefully see a few newbie frigate tacklers start to use them and wider usage outside freighters which is where I believe they were being targeted. These modules aren’t stacking penalised and as you would expect the bonuses are applied to your base warp speed before the effects of rigs and implants.

These modules can only be manufactured from BPCs which are found exclusively through low sec exploration helping to give low sec space a small buff in value. In fact when combined with the Mordus legion drops coming to lowsec and improved ores we’ll be seeing a fairly significant boost to lowsec space this summer.