Industry work teams, a dev blog synopsis


The final dev blog in the series on industry titled ‘Team up: Industry work teams’ brought a final twist to the industry changes. Overall the change is an interesting one providing up to a 5% material efficiency or 10% time efficiency boost in return depending on specialities and costing up to 18% more than a standard work team. If you’re not sure what work teams are then have a read of the previous blog and my post on in that gives a overview of the effective costs.

If for now we use the 7mil work team cost that was guesstimated for an Abandon then a work team could cost up to another 1.26mil for installation. With a 5% boost to material efficiency a perfect blueprint will require 0.85% of the blueprints base materials, CCP have already stated that ‘super efficiency’ above the 10% reduction from ME research is possible and they aren’t worried about it due to the changes to reprocessing it isn’t open to manipulation with up to 11.5mil saved on the cost of an Abaddon it appears high value low margin production is going to require teams especially on larger scales.

How things will actually balance between high use active team systems and low usage no team systems will be very interesting. Hunting for the right system is really going to become essential with up to 5% of costs hanging in the balance, expect early doors large alliances to grab slots for activities such as capital component manufacturing where the savings could be incredible.

Two groups of highsec people who will likely be extremely happy with the change will be haulers and gankers. Industry is going to involve a lot more moving around, no longer will large mining groups avoid shipping trit by mining on site so expect Red frog business to boom. On the other side of this with high value industry benefitting most from material changes expect ganking to increase, t2 components are more likely to be hauled to the correct station before ship production starts to save on materials. Without even realising it CCP added another risk and reward factor to industry, having to leave station is a large risk for manufacturers watching operating capital go boom could crush a few little guys.

Most small scale industry players tie up half of their ISK on market and the other half in production; let’s say that you’re shifting stock in weekly cycles losing half your stuff can do a lot of damage especially if you’re operating in the region of 10% profit on that capital. A full recovery would take in the region of 15 weeks so getting ganked ruins over a quarter of a small scale industry players year.

Overall there’s only one major concern right now and that is how corporations will manage manufacturing with a cap on the number of offices per station you can effectively lock a corporation out of a system forcing players to manufacture from their own hangars. This reduces security of BPOs so we’ll see less corporations benefitting from BPO sharing schemes which is a pity, they’ll still exist but players won’t be able to benefit from teams ME gains.

I’m personally very interested to see the effects of time efficiency, TE (formerly PE) on profits as personally I’ve always been much more interested in ISK per hour rather than simple profit calculations and it will be very interesting to see how the manufacturing community reacts to the changes. Unfortunately we’re going to have to wait a few months to get a real impression of the effect of the changes whilst old stocks of ships are sold off below the new manufacturing costs post release.