Invention vs T2 BPOs evening the odds – Why I love CCP Greyscale


With discussion ongoing over Crius CCP Greyscale has taken to the forums to discuss the ways in which CCP are looking to rebalance industry. This provoked quite a lot of people piping up to say that T2 BPOs should be removed which resulted in CCP Eterne making the following statement:


Shortly after this statement was made by CCP Eterne it became clear that just because T2 BPOs weren’t being removed from game it didn’t mean that CCP wouldn’t touch them. A mere 2 hours later CCP Greyscale posted with a plan that would effectively nerf T2 BPOs. The full statement is below but I’ve highlighted the most important bit for T2 BPOs in a red box:


What this means is right there in black and white (or should that be white and grey) the gap is being closed between T2 BPOs and invention which nerfs their profitability and will cause a frankly quite hilarious fire sale of T2 BPOs.

Also thanks to Mynna I also discovered the following post and video (22m 15s in) where CCP Greyscale makes it even clearer that T2 BPOs are being targeted:


The video is a clear ultimatum that states that CCP are not happy with the condition of T2 BPOs and that they will be nerfed rather than removed and the post is the manner in which T2 item BPOs are being nerfed. Right now for invention and manufacturing of T2 items you get relatively low run BPCs and lose a lot of time with slots simply not running due to natural things such as having to sleep. Increasing the number of runs and removing this downtime encourages invention of items for large scale manufacturers and makes life easier for even the little guys.

Overall it’s a great thing to see CCP step in and look to change the way that T2 BPOs work and whilst I feel the pain of those who will probably see their T2 BPO halve in value and profit it’s a good move for the game as a whole opening up markets such as cap recharger II’s which are almost completely monopolised by T2 BPO holders.