Kronos 1.1 minor delay

Shortly after EVE Online expansion follows an update to fix any bugs introduced during the expansion. This is nothing unusual the very nature of such a complex game as EVE Online means that bugs will be introduced as there is only so much testing that can be feasibly done.

What is unusual however is that the release hasn’t gone live even following CCP Falcon announcing yesterday that the Guristas Data Sequences would be added to the market today. This means that players are still unable to trade the Data Sequences in order to better ship them to the Mordus system.

There are some other changes coming too most importantly fixes to the spawning mechanics of the Contested Covert Research Facilities. The whole of the patch notes for the Kronos 1.1 coming tomorrow are reproduced below:

  • Fixed an issue where hacked containers would block access after they had been hacked and not accessed for a while.
  • Fixed an issue where COSMOS sites were not respawning their loot.
  • Added the data sequence to the market, this can now be bought and sold.
  • Reduced the timer in the Contested Covert Research Facility and fixed the issue where the site may not despawn after hacking success.

Hopefully all is well and it will be released on time, pushing the Barghest price down from 3bil to something more reasonable!

Update: The Guristas Data Sequence has actually hit market the patch notes were simply not updated to reflect this. Currently trading in region of 1.7mil per unit.

  • Innodas Arnolles

    I already sold a Guristas Data Sequence after downtime today.

    • Danny Centauri

      That’s bizarre it’s not in the patch notes until tomorrow release. Will have to dig through market tomorrow serves me right for taking patch notes at face value.

    • Danny Centauri

      Checked out and you’re correct I’ve updated post thanks.