EVE Kronos – Changes to visual effect of stars


On Wednesday this week CCP Antiquarian announced a change to the way in which different stars and the light effects from those stars are going to display come Kronos release. These changes have been made available on Singularity for all to see and add are a dramatic change to the feel of stars in EVE.

Each of the lens flare effects is different depending upon the type of star and is dynamic depending upon the position of the sun on the screen. Depending on the position you see different levels of illumination and even different levels of colour of the surface of the camera drone lens.

It’s much easier just to show you some pictures so you can see what to expect come Kronos.

lens-flare-5 len-flare-3 lens-flare-4 len-flare-2 len-flare-1

  • rixxjavix

    Eve: Directed by JJ Abrams.

    • http://www.evemanufacturing.co.uk/ Danny Centauri

      Haha the only difference is JJ Abrams apologized and this change needs no apology.

      • rixxjavix

        Either way, I like it. I was on SiSi this morning and it is a rather striking change.

  • Danikov

    Screenshots don’t do this justice

    • http://www.evemanufacturing.co.uk/ Danny Centauri

      They really don’t going to have to fraps a bit of the action!