Kronos on singularity


Update: As of post downtime 14th May features from Kronos are now starting to hit SISI ready for testing. Update clients now and have a look.

With the last of the rubicon builds hitting SISI it leaves a lot of us asking when will Kronos be open for public testing. After a little bit of discussion on Twitter with a friendly CCPer I was left with the answer ‘I’ll tweet the news as soon as it happens’ which means soon at word which traditionally means sorry I don’t have a clue or at best  I’m not allowed to discuss it. Still I’ll keep stalking devs on Twitter and let everyone know when to expect the first Kronos test build.

Unfortunately this means we can only speculate on the production requirements of the new modules and ships coming with Kronos. In the case of the new drone modules this will likely be the  same as the previous ones however in the case of the Prospect were probably going to be left guessing for another week.

During this time if you’re planning on profiting from the new ships it’s probably wise to start using your labs for copying max run BPCs.  Also refer to the Exhumer invention skill requirements with this being another ORE class ship we can expect to see much of the same with a focus on Gallente skills and components. With this being the case you can expect post release demand to be high for Gallente materials pushing up the price for all Gallente T2 hull.

I’m sure there are many industrialists already taking advantage of this and stockpiling ready for release. Popular ships such as the Ishtar and Oneiros are normally safe bets especially with the Gecko heavy drones making the Ishtar ridiculously OP.

Normally the biggest price changes are seen in photonic microprocessors and crystalline carbonide, in the past microprocessors were a lot more expensive but moon material rebalancing has shuffled that around making them much cheaper to speculate on but still prone to short term price fluctuations.

With so much changing in Kronos I’ll repeat something I’ve said a couple of times that nothing is certain and any gambles taken this release are a lot more high risk than in the past. Previously say with the first Mackinaw rebalance that I wrote about on EVE News 24 the profits were obvious as people shifted away from the hulk if that change had been made at the same time as the other Kronos changes I doubt I’d have been anywhere near as bold due to the additional risks in learning the new mechanics such as how to properly optimise job installation costs.

On a final note keep an eye on the price of the newer decryptors and any of the multi run variants I’m expecting price to go up as it will help reduce the costs of job installation due to the bonus that comes with long job installation. With decryptors being the only way to increase invention runs this is quite a clear cut change where players will slowly move over to multi run variants more frequently.