Kronos release day market watch

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So it’s release day and downtime hits any minute, in a meer matter of hours New Eden will get its hands on the Kronos release and the usual release day rush to get the new items out of the door is soon to commence. We’re already starting to see some of the effects of this prices of base materials are higher and prices of advanced small ship assembly arrays increasing by almost 20%.

Through out the day I’ll be providing updates on the market madness and the rush to be first to market. Personally I’ve moved towards bulk Prospect manufacturing potentially taking it a little too far with materials for just over 400 ready to start production once invention jobs complete. To fully optimise the build time on the first batch I’m using labs for the invention, decryptors that provide the best PE value and advanced small ship assembly arrays to shave every second possible off of the build time.

Potentially I’m going to be over producing this release day and may struggle to make my ISK back in full. Depending on how fast the market crashes I’ll also be selling through bulk trade channels as a last resort. In the past I’ve always under delivered on release day nervous that my gamble wouldn’t pay off but in the case of the Prospect you really don’t have to invest much to flood the market so there was very little to lose in giving it a shot.

Short post for now as there is very little else I can add at this point but I’ll be sure to provide updates on everything from the new drone module to the prospect and latest additions to the New Eden Store. In a matter of a few days we should also start to get a good impression of the new low grade pirate implants drop rates, that is of course once players finish the yet to be announced Mordus Legion site challenge to unlock the difficult site with all of the rewards.

Update 1 – 14:00 EVE Time

So we’re now hitting the time where we expected Kronos to go live and CCP did a stellar job getting the release out not just on time but early. Already the first Omnidirectional tracking Enhancer I’s have hit the market at 5mil per unit, next to hit the market will be the T2 variant of the same module. Surprisingly there aren’t any buy orders up for these new modules yet.

The Prospect on the other hand is another story at this point we’ve got a single relatively reasonable 20mil buy order and a load of cheap low end 5mil buy orders. With build costs in the region of 20mil I would have expected a lot more but as the first invention jobs aren’t going to be completing until 02:00 tomorrow the traders have plenty of time to judge what level to put their buy orders in at going in early will only start a bidding war for the first units to hit the market.

Update 2 – 15:00 EVE Time

The most industrious of EVE players are already starting to make their money now the Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer I price is holding steady at 5mil it doesn’t look like much is selling here. The T2 variant will still be in the process of invention.

Prospect buy orders are now starting to slowly increase with the first buy order at 40mil appearing in the Forge, by the time they actually hit market I wouldn’t be surprised to see this as high as 100mil per unit.

Also some information regarding the Mordus legion ships:

  • Garmur (Frigate) – 250mil buy order – 449mil sell orders
  • Orthrus (Cruiser) – 500mil buy order – No sell orders yet
  • Barghest (Battleship) – 1200mil buy order – No sell orders yet

At this point in time only the frigate will have had enough time to manufacture from BPCs, that is unless someone has purchased them through the LP store directly as a ship. We’re yet to see anything other than the Garmur hit market and with supply throttled due to the Guristas Data Sequences not being market tradable its unlikely that we’ll see much hit the market until after downtime tomorrow.

Update 3 – 16:45 EVE Time

Just a quick update with how things are changing the most noteworthy change is that the Orthrus has now hit the market.

Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer I – 3mil sell orders – 200ISK buy orders
Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer II – Not hit market yet – 2000ISK buy

Prices are still dropping quick fast for the T1 item which isn’t really surprising as it takes a matter of minutes to build.

Prospect – Not hit market yet – 50mil buy orders
Garmur – 299mil sell orders – 233mil buy orders
Orthrus – 800mil sell orders – 600mil buy orders
Barghest – Not hit market yet – 1200mil buy orders

As you can see the starting price of the Garmur is already starting to level off, this will still drop fast within the first week but it’s a good idea of what prices will be like in the short term. You will also notice that the first Orthrus cruiser hulls are starting to hit the market at 800mil initially they started a bit higher around 900mil but competition is quickly pushing prices down.

New Eden Store items:
Mens ‘Impact’ Jacket (Graphite) – 298mil sell orders – No buy orders
Abaddon Tash-Murkon Edition – 280mil sell orders – No buy orders
Hyperion Innerzone Shipping Edition – 600mil sell orders – No buy orders
Rokh Wiyrkomi Edition Blueprint – 500mil sell orders – No buy orders
Maelstrom Nefantar Edition – No sell orders – No buy orders

This is just a brief look at some of the 60 new items that have come to the New Eden Store as you can see buy orders simply don’t exist for this stuff yet with players being rather uniterested in it which isn’t surprising when there are more obvious things to play with on market.

Update 4 – 18:15 EVE Time

The big news is that the Barghest has just made it to market priced at 3bil. The buy orders are holding steady at 1.2bil.

The Orthrus price is leveling off with sell orders at 504mil and buy orders at 420mil. whilst the Garmur is currently at 242mil whilst buy orders are at 166mil.

The Omnidirectional tracking enhancer is now at 2.75mil and the T2 variant has just hit market at a traditionally extortionate 40mil. The NES vanity item prices aren’t really doing much at the moment and Prospect buy orders are holding steady at 50mil.

Update 5 – 20:00 EVE time

Quick update on the prices, they have now got to a point where things are starting to sell.

Prospect – No sell orders yet – 52mil buy order
Garmur – 275mil sell – 243mil buy order (157 traded)
Orthrus – 720mil sell – 55mil buy order (52 traded)
Barghurst – 3890mil sell – 1500mil buy (3 traded)
Omnidirectional tracking enghancer I – 2.5mil sell – 200ISK buy (146 traded)
Omnidirectional tracking enghancer I – 20mil sell – 50,000ISK buy (12 traded)

  • Random McNally

    Thanks Danny! Starting to wish I called in sick. (cough cough)

    • Danny Centauri

      Its actually quite dull after the initial craziness! I installed my 150 Prospect invention jobs and was then left wondering what to do with the rest of my day off.

      • Random McNally

        I’m still trying to patch my client and my kids have run away scared with me screaming “HURRY UP!!”

        • Danny Centauri

          Even now still plenty of profit to be made! I’m still rushing around getting Prospects to market.