Little things in Kronos – A dev blog synopsis


Only yesterday morning we published a piece about the other things coming in Kronos that CCP missed from the Kronos Features dev blog. It wasn’t much later that CCP Karkur published a new blog ‘Little things in Kronos: The changes and fixes you asked for’. This dev blog covered a lot of the points raised on that very same morning and went a step further to highlight some other features.

Rather than discuss things we already know it’s the features we missed that I want to highlight today. CCP Karkur and CCP Punkturis really deserve a lot of praise for their work on little things and I’m sure that these changes will affect everyone in one little way or another.

Collapsing windows

It’s extremely easy to collapse windows currently well now you need to double click it it’s a change designed to save those embarrassing moments where you accidentally make your whole overview disappear. Minimising is also limited to clicking in the header of the selected item.

Highlighting in personal assets

eve personal assets highlighting

This feature is exactly the same as the highlighting of market items on route but for your personal assets helping you to discover if there’s a system on route where you can refit from items you already have in stock. This features bound to be a highsec mercenary favourite many a time I’ve found myself flying in a shuttle across New Eden whilst trying to discover if there’s a ship closer to the target to change into.

Target indicators in survey scanner

survey scanner targetted asteroid

If you’re targeting an asteroid when your survey scan completes then this change puts an icon next to it in the survey scanner results. This helps you to see if you’re close to depleting the current rock and helps you choose which one to go after next.

Kill report filtering

A simple little change that lets you filter your kill reports for both personal and corporation kills. The filters let you filter by the victim’s name, corporation and alliance as well as ship name. It’s also worth mentioning that this isn’t a full search and unfortunately only filters your current page, who knows with a bit of luck we may see something more comprehensive come Crius.

Info window cleanup

info window cleanup

This is a change that was started back with Rubicon with the damage types being group as shown in the diagram above. With Kronos things are being taken a step further with damage types, sensor strengths and other resistance attributes being grouped together also.

Other little things

Here is a list of the other little things coming with the Kronos release:

  • Target origin can now be locked in place to prevent accidental dragging, this is done through the right click interface.
  • Jump Clone locations in the Character Sheet are now proper locations and you can set destination to them.
  • The “Plug In” right-click option on implants has been moved below the “Show Info” option, I’m guessing this relates to accidental plugging in of implants.
  • You can now drag some chat channels from the Channels window to any text box to create a link to join the channel. Obvious channels that don’t accept outsiders such as alliance chat don’t work.
  • Characters can be dragged from the Channel Settings window to be linked in chat and other input fields.
  • If a corporation has no war history, it will say so in the “War History” in the corporations Show Info window.
  • Paths starting with “http://” or “https://” can now be linked in the “Generate Link” window.
  • Hyperlinks will now show the web address (URL) in a tooltip, making it harder to disguise Rick Rolls.
  • Conversation requests are now logged in the “Notifications and Logs” window

It’s a great list of quality of life improvement, it feels as though EVE’s little things push is really making a big difference and has come so far from when it started many releases ago.