T1 Manufacturing Guide

Before you get started make sure you have read our quick beginners guide to make sure you have the skills required to get started.

Starting manufacturing in EVE

manufacturing of T1 items in EVE is the simplest of manufacturing and easily sustainable without the use of a highsec POS at lower volumes, in fact for those starting out your ISK per hour return is much greater in station as even a small POS costs 125,000 ISK per hour. T1 manufacturing of modules and standard tech 1 ships requires the basic minerals available on market, excluding Morphite which is only required in T2 production. You will find that of all of the minerals that T1 manufacturing requires you will use Tritanium the most, this can also be mined conveniently in highsec by mining Veldspar in between installing your industry and science jobs.

As an example lets build a Drake, first lets take a look at a Drake BPO to see the material requirements:


As you can see the greatest material requirement is the tritanium with the others being considerably lower, to calculate the profit selling Drakes we need to figure out how much all of these minerals cost. There are tools which do this for you however I recommend doing it by hand, the tools often take best Jita price when you can find better prices if you shop around. You are the only person who knows what mineral you can get and at what prices, building up close relationships with miners can be a massive advantage in the T1 manufacturing world as discounts <5% can make a massive different to your profit margin.

I personally use Google Docs for all of my profit calculations due to using several machines for my industry work, it makes it much easier to have a Google Docs account rather than a spreadsheet which I have to transport around. Lets take a look at a very basic example spreadsheet on Google docs for the drake:


When building your spreadsheet its advisable to have a materials tab where all of the other tabs pull their prices from, this ensures you can quickly update a single place to recalculate the profit of every single BPOs you own. As you will notice with my profit calculations they also include taxes EVE has two taxes on sale orders the brokers fees and sales tax when you go to sell an item you can see what these are at and they can be reduced by standings and skills. As you can see with this drake the profit per unit is under 4,000 ISK a terrible margin.

The reason that popular items have these low margins is often due to miners, who consider their minerals to be ‘free’ because they mined them. Don’t fall into this trap, if you mine minerals calculate your price as though you purchased them from Jita afterall whats the point of building a ship if you can make just as much ISK without the effort! To increase your profits you can build frequently used T1 drones and ammo and move it to mission hubs, it may take a bit longer to sell but you will see a greatly increase profit margin. Knowing where to sell is just as important as knowing how to build, also ensure you check the major trade hubs Amarr, Dodixie, Rens, Hek to see if there is somewhere else you can sell at an improved profit.

Lets take another example T1 scourge heavy missile production:

600k units per day – using 10 slots in a ammo array
In a POS – 12 ammo arrays on a small POS – 60 slots. This is enough for a small corporation of 6, it costs each member about 0.5mil per day in POS fuel.
Weekly Net profit: 61.6mil
Weekly revenue: 344.4mil
Isk tied up in production weekly: 267mil
Profit margin: 17.9%

This is a great way to get started, you will need about 600mil to start and keep up production constantly selling as you build, working with 3 day build cycles. To calculate the profit margins you need to know build times, lets go back to our previous Drake example and look at the BPO in further detail:
BPO manufacturing details

As you can see the manufacturing time is 2 hours 43minutes, which is 2.7167 hours. Lets say the profit per Drake was 1mil, and you are building them in all 10 of your manufacturing slots.

Slots: 10
Profit for slots: 10mil
Time: 2.7167 hours
Profit per hour: 3.7mil (Profit divided by time in hours)
Profit per week: 621mil

These calculations can be included on all of your spreadsheets to speed up the calculation, profit per hour will be a very important number moving forward for comparison. When starting with T1 production I recommend commonly used modules, drones and ammunition. If the profit margin is high enough you can sell them in bulk via the ‘Bulk Trade’ mailing list to keep your operation liquid and reduce the hassle of updating market orders to sell everything you have built.