T2 Manufacturing Guide

Whilst T2 manufacturing requires more capital and skills it does provide opportunity for increased profits. In true EVE online style the only way to figure out the best option is with spreadsheets! This goes at all stages from invention, to component production to the final production of the T2 item. There are low investment entry level opportunities to get into T2 markets such as T2 ammo or small modules so even new players can get involved.

T2 manufacturing is a little bit more complex than T1 requiring three stages:
– Invention
– T2 Component Production
– T2 Item Production

I am going to address these three tasks in turn, as each one is quite involved on its own. I advise walking through this guide whilst testing it out, a good item to do this with is magnetic field stabalizers or gyrostabalizers as they are cheap to build and I’ve never known them not make atleast a small profit.

Invention Walkthrough

When looking at invention we first need to consider what we are inventing before decided the best way to complete the task, the invention chance depends upon several variables.

Invention_Chance = Base_Chance * (1 + (0.01 * Encryption_Skill_Level)) * (1 + ((Datacore_1_Skill_Level + Datacore_2_Skill_Level) * (0.1 ÷ (5 – Meta_Level)))) * Decryptor_Modifier

The base chance is dependent upon what you are inventing, modules have a base 40% chance, frigates 30%, cruisers 25% and battleships 20%. The chance is also dependent upon the racial encryption skill, the two required science skills, any meta level items added to the invention job and any modifier to the invention chance that the decryptor provides. The easiest way to calculate the invention chance is by using an invention calculator.

The next thing you need to do is calculate the number of output runs you will receive this will always be at least one per successful invention job but is dependent upon your decryptor and input BPC runs. To calculate the maximum runs the calculation is:

Output_Runs = (BPC_Runs ÷ BPC_Max_Runs) x (T2_Max_Runs_Per_Blueprint_Copy ÷ 10) x (1 + Decryptor_Runs_Modifier)

The max T2 BPC runs can be found on the T2 BPO, and the max BPC runs can be found on its T1 counterpart. What this formula generally means is that you should always use max run BPCs. The only exception to this is when inventing an item where you require the material level to be high (ME -1) in which case the decryptor doesn’t provide a bonus to runs and it is pointless to use a max run BPC. A good example of ship where you require a high Material Efficiency (ME) is a Anshar or a Golem, these are all ships where the invention cost is a small proportion of the overall production cost. With max run copies and no decryptor you typically receive 10 run module BPCs and 1 run ship BPCs, as such decryptors are recommended for ship invention in bulk otherwise you have a massive invention bottleneck. Finally to calculate the invention cost per ship the calculation is:

Invention_Cost = ((Datacore_Cost + BPC_Cost + Decryptor_Cost + Meta_Cost) ÷ Invention_Chance) ÷ Output_Runs

Due to the low prices of modules it is unlikely that you will see a return using decryptors, as such you should just use max run BPCs. However in ship invention you should calculate the invention cost with every decryptor and then later calculate the invention cost at each material level. Generally you are best off using +2 and +1 decryptors which provide material efficiencies of -3 and -2 respectively. So now you understand the math behind EVE T2 invention we can look at the process of actually installing a T2 invention job.

Installing an Invention Job

Invention jobs can be completed in stations that have invention slots and at POS’s in a mobile laboratory. When installing an invention job you need a few things:
– The required BPC
– The required datacores
– The correct data interface, which is reusable for all invention jobs.
– Any meta items you wish to install.
– Any decryptors you wish to use.

First things first where to put these items, if you’re inventing in a station you just need to ensure they are all in the station. If you are remotely installing at a POS then you need to have the BPC in your corporate hangar and the other items in your mobile laboratory in the same division as the BPC in your corporate hangar. So you’re ready to go, simply right-click your BPC and choose the invention option this will open up the below interface:


The first thing you need to do is select the slot you wish to install at which will display the below:


If as in the above screenshot you are installing in a POS make sure you have the options set to ‘Corporation’ and ‘Current solar system’ as otherwise you will not be able to find the POS installation. As you can see each mobile laboratory has 5 available slots, you can however queue jobs on top of each other if you wish say for example you are running short invention jobs with only a single lab of a corporate POS.

So select a slot and click install, straight away the interface will detect any decryptors that are available if you’re using a decryptor select it now. You can also select the output BPC an example of this is when inventing from Bellicose BPCs you can create either Huginns or Rapiers as they are the same base hull other examples include Blackbird and Thorax invention. So you’re ready to go hit the OK button and accept the quote. If you’re missing any components or skills you will be told here. A quick sanity check before you install your first ever job is to ensure you have all of the required science skills to level 3 or more, level 4 is advisable but you will do perfectly fine with level 3 skills.

T2 component production

The production of T2 components required advanced moon materials, which are made in complex reactions. It is best to buy these advanced materials directly from Jita and the other trade hubs, unless you really want to manage a dozen large POS’s. God save your soul if you do! These are manufactured in the same way as T1 items, the only thing different is moon materials rather than standard minerals. You can also produce them at a POS using a component assembly array which reduces the manufacturing time.

When calculating the profit per hour remember to do two versions one buying the components and one building, as a general rule of thumb its more profitable to build the components for T2 ships and more profitable to buy the T2 components when building T2 modules.

T2 Item Production

Ok so you have your T2 BPC and you have your T2 components, now you need morphite, the T1 counterpart of the T2 item you are inventing and potentially some other T1 minerals. Well you’re ready to begin the final and easiest part comes next right-click you T2 BPC and install it. You can install the job in a station or at an advanced manufacturing array at a POS, beware installing T2 jobs at a POS can be a terrible idea especially T2 ships as the array requires an additional 10% in materials.

The slightly more difficult part of T2 production is calculating the profit – lets take a quick look at my profit calculation spreadsheet:


To take a closer look click to zoom. As you can see my spreadsheet calculates the gross profit before invention and then the NET profit after invention costs are taken into account. I manually reduce the sell price by the tax amount but you could build this into your spreadsheet. As you can tell I also have multiple tabs per ship for each ME level I am considering producing at this is vital so you can compare NET profit. You should also consider the PE at each ME level which varies dependant upon the decryptor which you are using, you can then use this to calculate your profit per hour from top to bottom of the process.

So that’s what it takes to get into T2 manufacturing at a large-scale. Preparation, patience and persistence – the greatest amount of time is in the preparation you will soon have a nice pile of spreadsheets which are easy to update and compare to see the highest profit items.

This covers the basics of T2 invention, it’s now down to you to discover what part of the market to carve out and make your own!