The industrialist skill set

Recently I’ve have had a few questions from different players about the level these guides are aimed at, are they aimed at beginners or more advanced industrial players looking to develop their skills. The truth is that there isn’t really a beginner and advanced industrialst soft skill set, the only things that change are the number of slots you’re working with, what you have the skills to build and the ISK you have in order to do so.

Think about it for a second let’s compare two players a new industry player build one million units of various types of ammo, the other an industry veteran building one hundred tech two cruisers. Both need to know what materials are required for construction, and how much these materials will cost. They also both need to know what BPCs or BPOs they require and the cost per run of using these. Each of them will also need to know what price they can sell their goods for, and how many units sell each day to get an idea of how fast they will be able to sell their goods in the trade hub they are using. With all of this information to hand we can then calculate the profit and by knowing the time for construction the profit per hour to find the most profitable use of their time.

Whilst this might seem very involved the reality is it comes down to common sense, basic math skills and the use of spread sheets or other software. The best thing you can do as a new player is write down all the steps of the process you are going to be following and calculate the cost for each stage, at larger scale or with higher profit margins you can afford to ignore minor costs such as market tax or station job installation cost you will soon come to judge these by intuition (or if you have some major OCD carry on calculating profit to the single ISK regardless of experience).

The following guides are going to look at the soft skills involved with breaking down a manufacturing process and determining your profit, so that you can decide what you should be manufacturing. The guides also look at other vital skills such as working with suppliers and managing group industry:

  • Process mapping EVE online production – Coming Q2 2012.
  • Creating a basic EVE spreadsheet – Coming Q2 2014.
  • Finding a home for operations – Coming Q2 2014.
  • Selling effectively in bulk – Coming Q2 2014.
  • Finding suppliers to reduce material costs – Coming Q2 2014.
  • Customer relationship management in EVE – Coming Q2 2014.
  • Managing a small corps manufacturing – Coming Q2 2014.

These guides were unfortunately put on hold whilst I took a break from the game. Now I am coming back expect these to be done sooner rather than later, some of them such as finding a home for operations will change massively with the summer industry release just due to the nature of the new work team and slot removal features.