Moon material prices, what is the future?

With the recent announcement that CCP are going to shake things up and focus on the resources that control EVE in it’s upcoming expansion Odyssey the T2 material markets has entered a state of panic.

Over the past month the price of nanotransistors has dropped from an average of 5868 to 5055 a drop of 13.9% with the lowest point being 4908 a drop of 16.4% with the announcement of the coming change yet to come. Those with tin foil hats amongst you would say this is due to Goons dumping their stockpile to market as their CCP employees told them about the change ahead of time in order to minimise their losses. However, a more reasoned argument would be to state this is due to T2 manufacturers such as myself putting their production on hold until a change is announced after being stung by a drop in material prices.

Take for example my recent batch of 5 Anshars which we’re built at 6.5bil per unit, with an initial sell price of 7bil. However, as material prices dropped the prices at which they were being sold dropped also as manufacturers went it to panic and reduced prices to sell fast. Eventually the best I could sell at was 6.4bil per unit a total of 500mil lost wasting 5 manufacturing slots for the whole of a month.

With the video dev blog regarding EVE  development tomorrow the 9th of April we could be about to hear the biggest news about moon resources since the first introduction of alchemy, with potential to over time change the landscape of 0.0 once again. What if this news does not come tomorrow? Well then we will have to be patient and wait until fanfest to hear what is to come this summer.