Moon mining changes in Crius

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As part of the POS module overhaul coming in Crius CCP Greyscale is taking a look at security status restrictions of specific modules to make it easier to understand if you should be able to anchor a specific module in your current system.

One surprising side effect of this is that moon mining will now be allowed in 0.4 security space this has been confirmed by CCP Greyscale:
CCP Greyscale moon mining in 0.4 space

The impact of this change will likely be rather minimal as based on the security status data I have to hand this is only 255 additional solar systems. This is a small increase when you consider there are 3920 systems where moon mining is currently possible and is a relatively minor 6.5% increase in potential supply. There is then the matter of luck as there is no guarantee that 0.4 systems will contain as many high end materials as the current systems.

Overall I expect the impact of this change to be less significant than the Thukker component assembly array which can be used to gain a 10% material saving on T2 capital components. With jump freighters requiring quite a lot of materials a reduction of 10% in material costs could have a noticeable impact on moon goo markets.

Potentially the best thing about this change is the conflict which it is bound to drive come release day, which is always great news for anyone interested in either PvP or manufacturing. With conflict comes explosions and the necessity of ship replacements something that no manufacturer will ever grumble about.