Mordus Legion ships in PvP – Where do they belong?

othrus fitting eve online mordus ship fit

With the introduction of the new Modus Legion ships we were told straight from the get go that they are designed to be fast ship with a bonus to warp disruption range. Additionally they are missile specialists with 100% bonus to missile velocity and 50% reduction to missile flight time to allow them to apply their missile damage faster. It’s important to note however that missile velocity isn’t part of any missile damage calculation so damage will still be low against ships with smaller signatures and high velocities. This effectively means very little if you’re fighting very fast targets other than you get to see your very small damage notifications sooner.

That’s not to say faster missiles are not without benefits with HAMs traveling 8,000m/s rather than 4,000m/s it means missiles catch up with a target running away from them faster and catch some targets they could never hit before. Previously take a Cynabal for example travelling just over 4,000m/s would mean missiles would never catch up with them now they will and should hit with about a third of their DPS.

To try and compare the new Mordus ships to other missile ships that would be used in a similar role I decided to take a look at the Orthrus and compare it to a Cerberus. Below is my first shot at a HAM Orthus fitting.


Using HAMs may seem counter intuitive but I’m looking to use the long range point primarily to get first tackle then burn in for a closer orbit around the 20km region. As you can see with Javelin ammo loaded you can reach out to 45.6km and get 464dps, if you load Rage this increases to 696dps with 25.3km range.

You also achieve an impressive 2305m/s which increases up to 3305m/s when overheated this isn’t quite as fast as the 4000m/s of a Cynabal but it’s more than enough to chase down most cruiser sized hulls. This is a really handy speed for highsec warfare allowing you to chase down the likes of Falcons and Blackbirds quickly forcing them out of the engagement. This is one of the few scenarios where fast missiles really do help if you’re fighting on the edge of your max range against something that has an opportunity to run away, for example a Falcon when it lands a jam cycle on you.

Let’s compare this to a relatively standard Cerberus fitting designed for the same role like the one below:

cerberus fitting eve

So what we’re seeing is a match in DPS between both the Cerberus and Orthrus with the almost identical damage – however the Orthrus is much easier to fit and you don’t need a 5% PG implant unlike the Cerberus.

With regards to tank their about on par with each other on a EHP but with the Cerberus naturally having T2 resists it’s a bit better in a gang situation with remote repairs. It’s a different story with regards to speed the Orthrus is a clear winner 600m/s faster but in exchange it’s signature radius is almost 50% more.

Looking at slot layouts I prefer the Orthrus it has a utility high slot, say for fending off tackling frigates there is also a small bonus of the room for 5 small drones compared to 3 of the Cerberus. Some players may choose combat drones here for killing small fast ships but I prefer ECM drones giving the option of running away and remaining in more of a support role.

Overall I think that similar stories can be told across the whole Mordus ship line the missile bonus is a lot more situational than the pure damage role bonuses seen by many of the Pirate cruisers but could prove extremely useful in applying damage to fast ships of the same hull size. It could have been more interesting to see bonuses to explosion velocity and radius but this may have become overpowered. It’s my personal belief that whilst they aren’t going to be the most popular faction ships the Mordus Legion will be an interesting addition to EVE come Kronos and I’m sure we’ll start to see players with a lot more creative fitting skills than myself produce some really interesting fits.

  • Gekkoh

    I’m interested to see if the frigate does well as an anti-interceptor platform.

    • Danny Centauri

      Agree completely will be interesting to see my main concern is that without a buff to explosion radius and velocity these ships will still struggle to apply their DPS well.