My new corporation – Manu Fortius update

Danny Centauri Corporation change

With this being my third week in a new corporation it’s a great chance to provide a little update on how I’m settling in to life in Manu Fortius.

member growth chartFirst things first recruitment is clearly very active back in May the corporation had somewhere in the region of 30 members. Currently there are 79 members meaning in the space of a month the corporation membership has over doubled. This really is awesome for the corporation but it does mean that there are some weaknesses that need to be worked on.


One of the most obvious weaknesses is organisation previously being so small meant that Manu Fortius could run really easily through direct conversations and EVE mail now however it’s clear it’s a bit harder to organise the large group and keep everyone contributing to the corporation. Naturally it’s only a growing pain so ultimately I don’t expect it to remain a problem for long.

Something I did learn here is just how easy I have life with an army of alts all I have to do is organise myself there’s no need to coordinate people to install industry jobs when you’re the only one doing it. The biggest challenge is remembering which characters have the right skill for each job and fortunately I built a spreadsheet to help me with that a long time ago.

The next thing that is noticeable is the PvP activity in the alliance is low, whilst on the surface this isn’t a problem in the long term it could be if players aren’t properly PvP trained war decs can be devastating for small alliances in the long term. To this end the alliance leadership is trying to coordinate more roams and get some standardised fittings and reimbursement programs in place for pilots using these.

Personally to try and help here I’ve volunteered to FC and started wormhole diving looking for prey. I forgot how many hours I used to spend roaming around wormholes without getting a single kill still I tend to get a kill for every 3 hours searching for someone a bad ratio but a step the right direction.  As more people train scout alts wormhole roaming becomes more viable as you can scout multiple wormholes and their connections meaning it doesn’t take long at all to find someone to shoot. It’s a slight disadvantage for me being UK based as the time zone is slightly off EVE peak hours making wormholes a lot less active during the week than when I roam at weekends.

Now I’m fairly confident that I’ve found a new long term home I’ve started reaching out to old corporation and alliance mates to recruit them. Head hunting old friends is a great way to get some great new members on board I’m especially looking to bolster the active PvP player numbers. I’m confident that even in a predominantly industry based alliance there’s room for players of all play styles. The challenge will be creating a culture where both are accepted in the alliance and not creating a inner elite I’ve seen many an alliance tear themselves to pieces so there will definitely be a need for the alliance leadership to proactively manage the alliance culture and try to encourage inclusivity.

Currently I’m looking forward to a few things in Manu Fortius and SWAT:

  • The alliance getting the doctrine ships and replacements fit, ready for more active PvP. These guys are happy to build everything which helps to save a fair amount on ships.
  • Getting a few more PvP proactive guys to go wormhole roam with me, it’s hard work solo the greatest challenge is finding targets. I’ve tended to stick to 1 wormhole deep which tends to be C2 space it may be a better decision to check for wormholes inside the first wormhole with C3 connections much more likely to support small active alliances.
  • Corporation industry getting moving under full steam. We’ll have about 100 science and 100 manufacturing slots all for corporation usage. There’s no reason this can’t support about 150-200 T2 cruisers per week once capital starts to build up. We may need to stick to cheap bulk production for now such as T2 ammo or drones to ensure we can use the slots the main challenge is simply having enough capital to operate effectively.

Overall it’s been a good start in Manu Fortius and they’re a good bunch of active players. To date we’ve been fortunate with our new recruits and haven’t recruited any crazies or general pains in the ass. With the corporation having predominantly US based players I’ve also found myself spending a lot of time talking to alliances mates rather than just corporation members as there are quite a few UK players in the other corporations. At this point in time can’t complain just looking forward to seeing the results of all the projects in progress.

  • Casper

    Now this is another interesting subject. I’ve been planning for a long time to find a way to unite several traders and manufacturers into one corporation. The only problem is that I failed to answer a simple question, why?

    Why would anyone work with a group of people when it comes to trading and manufacturing. I feel that you will almost certainly make more ISK if you just do it by yourself. Why would you combine slots with others to manufacture a more expensive item (or one you wouldn’t normally afford to make yourself) if your share will be less than by manufacturing different items alone.

    I’m curious how you can motivate people to work together, how do you reward them for their work and where does the corporation earn it’s own reward?