Nerf coming to combat scanning in Crius

Yesterday on Singularity it was spotted that probing upgrades now require activation in order to provide their bonuses. This is a massive hit to combat probing making covert ships really vulnerable if they want to maintain full effectiveness as modules cannot be activated whilst cloaked.

Today on the EVE Online forums CCP SoniClover confirmed that a change on singularity was an intentional nerf to probing due to be released in the Crius release 6 weeks after Kronos. This change is designed to make combat scanning less efficient by forcing risk averse players to have slower scanning times than those who are willing to risk remaining uncloaked whilst probing off grid.

Whilst most players haven’t caught onto this change yet with it only being announced just after 15:00 EVE time today I expect the thread to really heat up over the next few days as the news hits more of the major EVE online news websites.