New exploration sites in Kronos – A dev blog Synopsis

mordus legion besieged ghost sites dev blog synopsis

As mentioned in my previous piece the most recent dev blog ‘Sweeping death and Chaos: New exploration sites in Kronos’ adds very little to the information we previous knew about. The only significant piece of information is that some of the loot will require shipping to null sec to redeem its value which will create some PvP in a single null sec system where Mordus are based. Expect the majority of players to sell in Jita to individuals willing to take the null sec shipping risks.

Edit: A follow up from the comments on the dev blog confirmed that the Besieged sites are not escalations but are actually unlocked after a certain amount of the easy sites are done and the data handed over to the Mordus. It’s intended as a release day event and there will be progress reports for us on how close we are to unlocking the new Besieged sites. Once everything is unlocked the Contested sites will be Cosmic Signatures and the Besieged sites Cosmic anomalies.

To go into further detail on the dev blog the sites are explained as a thematic extension of the ghost sites encountered in Rubicon. With the pirates taking their research to more extreme levels Mordus Legion have stepped in to try and get things under control. Not only have they stepped in to take control they’re also asking for the help of capsuleers to track them down.

Whilst Mordus Legion are handling blowing up the Guristas we’ll be hunting down their smaller outposts (Contested Guristas Research Facility), hacking the Transponder tower and taking the data to be rewarded by Mordus Legion. To get the full value you’ll need to take it directly to 5ZXX-K in null sec and redeem it at their LP store. With this being null sec you shouldn’t be surprised that most players will want to sell the data in Jita leaving the dangerous transporting task to the more adventurous capsuleers.

The Mordus Legion require this data to track down the larger research facilities and attack them these sites called Besieged Covert Research Facilities appear to be an escalation with little detail regarding the trigger and if escalation is 100% of the time.

The rewards from the sites are then covered they include the 8 new pirate faction ship skins, the new low grade pirate implants (remember current low grade are now mid grade) and finally the focus of the Guristas research will drop too the new warp speed low slot modules.

Expect things to start a little slow especially if the shipping of the data to null sec is an essential component of the Besieged sites spawning. We’ll be seeing a lot of camping out in 5ZXX-K as well as entry systems to the area so things will move slow until the heat dies down and players find it easier to go about their business with Mordus.