New swag available at the EVE Store


Every hardcore gamer loves a bit of swag every now and then and CCP Games continue to deliver thanks to the experience of the Musterbrand team. Today CCP Phantom announced some new additions to the store.  The new additions include the Bombardier jacket that was seen on multiple occasions at fanfest.

bombardier jacket zero zero musterbrand

The Minmatar Ops jacket which is in my opinion the worst of the new products, I just really can’t deal with all the brown even if rust is quite traditional for Minmatar the whole thing just doesn’t strike me as being true Musterbrand gear. The reason being that Musterbrand design clothes for the wearer not the onlooker and it’s just a little bit too far out to make it suitable for walking down the high street.

Minmatar Ops Jacket zero zero musterbrand

The final of the new products is the Loadmaster jacket and actually this one is so subtle I’m tempted to buy it myself. It’s just got enough EVE about it for another gamer to identifier and won’t raise a single eyebrow walking down the street.

Loadmaster jacket zero zero Musterbrand

Hopefully this isn’t the last we see of the EVE store expansions the pricing is definitely on the premium end of the spectrum but the quality looks great and the whole range really does show the personality of EVE online without shoving it down your throat and screaming hardcore gamer.