Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer II Production – Kronos feature highlight

omnidirectional tracking enhancer manufacturing

Many industry players will have overlooked it but there is a new drone module coming out in the Kronos release. With the majority of industrialists looking towards the Prospect for release day profits this leaves a nice opening for the little guy to make a profit from the new Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer modules.

The T1 module will cost in the region of 35,000ISK to produce and will likely be sold up to 10x this over the first 24 hours with T1 manufacturers filling the demand for both players looking to use the modules as well as T2 inventors using the modules to produce the T2 item.

omnidirectional tracking enhancer II material requirements

As with all modules it’s normally best to produce at ME -4 and not use a decryptor which leaves us with the following material requirements:

R.A.M.- Electronics – 1 (15% damage) – 12,000 ISK
Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer I – 1 – 35,000 ISK
Mechanical Parts – 8 – 57,000 ISK
Miniature electronics – 3 – 36,000 ISK
Morphite – 4 – 27,000 ISK
Nanoelectrical Microprocessor – 8 – 315,000 ISK

Total build cost 482,000 ISK per unit on top of this will be the cost of invention, invention requires the following materials:

omnidirectional tracking enhancer invention requirements

The total datacore cost is 416,000 ISK and with level 4 skills and no decryptor there is a 48.26% chance of success. Per successful invention job it will cost in the region of 860,000 ISK as with a max run BPC you get 10 output runs this is 86,000 ISK per unit.

In total the production cost will be the material cost and invention cost combined this comes in at 568,000 ISK. Other hidden costs are the costs of copying the T1 BPO and the cost of invention job and manufacturing job installation still it’s clear that initially build cost will be below 600,000 ISK.

If you consider that last time drone modules were launched they initially sold at 20mil per unit dropping to roughly 10mil within the first day then it’s easy to see that these modules for a new player are a license to print ISK for a day. Ditching modules directly to buy orders for the day will likely cover a clever players PLEX costs for the month as long as they start manufacturing straight after down time.

Whilst I’ve not checked build times and invention times it’s likely that we’ll be looking somewhere in the region of 4-6 hours  for the first units to get to market with the fastest to deliver making the lion’s share of the profit.

  • Random McNally

    Damn….wont be able to sink fingers into that market for (at least) 8ish hours after downtime. Wonder if it’s worth calling in sick for… ;)

    • Danny Centauri

      Yeah I’ve booked the day off work :)

    • Shel Johnson

      This is a reason why I work from home…

  • Celor Ma’fer

    In profit terms I think I’ve done much better out of these than the prospects and it was only the T1 versions I was making too. I’m also confident I was the first to go to market as I did a quick run of 4, so they were done in half an hour. I put them up for 300k and someone brought them within 5 minutes and then re-listed them separately at 8mill a piece ^^ I knew that was going to be far too much and so I made another couple and put them on at 4mill a piece and they both sold :-)

    They’re still going at 1.7 – 2 mill in Metro and Heimatar and I must have sold around 100 so far, considering they cost 25k to make I’m very happy was that.

    Once again, thanks for all the tips