Overhaul to blueprints coming in Crius

A follow up discussion on blueprint static data with CCP Greyscale has spun off into its own thread where Greyscale is specifically asking for feedback with regards to how to make job times more consistent. Right now for example there are 92 different base copy times and no real consistency to how they are decided.

As part of this discussion there were a few goals set that CCP Greyscale had in mind for the changes:

– To reduce copy time below build time so that copying to build is viable.
– Invention to be moved to ME0 TE0 or better.
– Blueprints to have a logical pattern in their research, copy and build times.
– Increasing max runs on BPOs so viable to build from for example capital components.
– Carefully balance the reduced copy time against Gallente Outpost copy-time bonuses and T2 BPOs
– Removal waste from building
– Removal negative TE and ME and increase T2 build costs to maintain component demand.

And then to be even more specific still CCP Greyscale went further and laid out some potential changes come Crius that are currently being explored:
– Copy time to 80% of build time base, this only makes it slightly faster to copy than build when you account for the effect of skills.
– Setting rank = size x metalevel where rank effects research times in general, a breakdown of sizes are provided later.
– Possibly changing build times to be a function of rank; otherwise modules and charges (among other things) may need to break the copy/build paradigm to avoid a big nerf
– Change invention so Build time = 2 x ( Copy time +Invention time) which means your science slots should run at half the speed of manufacturing making science activities more important.
– If items aren’t invented from bump up max runs to make it easier to build from them.

It’s an interesting set of proposals and instantly doubles the research time of T2 BPOs for a rank 1 BPO we have the following research times:

Level Seconds Approx Total
1 105 1m 45s
2 250 4m
3 595 10m
4 1414 24m
5 3360 56m
6 8000 2h
7 19000 5h
8 45255 12h
9 107700 1d
10 256000 3d

If we consider the way in which ME is changing the old ME 1 is the same level of efficiency as ME5 on the new scale. These times are also multiplied by the rank modifier, which for T1 items equals the size. Current sizes from CCP Greyscale:
1 – Frigate sized modules (PG usage between 2 and 34)
2 – Cruiser and BC modules (PG usage between 35 and 299 and mods <2)
3 – Battleship modules (power draw between 300 and 4999)
4 – Capital modules (power draw above 5000)
20 – Frigates
30 – Destroyers
40 – Cruisers
50 – Battlecruisers
60 – Battleships
200 – Capitals (most of them anyway)
400 – Supercarriers
600 – Titans

Once I’ve got my head around some of the math involved I’ll update this post further with more information. What I find especially interesting is that Build time = 2 x ( Copy time +Invention time) which makes science the bottleneck especially as more slots will now be used for copying due to no longer being able to remotely build from BPOs. We could see copy and invention corporations start to pop up to help manufacturers become independent. Alternatively T2 manufacturers will have to use their additional 50% manufacturing slots for T1 ship and capital production.  This is already the case to some extent but the changes with remote BPO usage may make it more extreme.